Human-in-the-Loop Data Management

Code: CSCI2950-T
Time: N Hour (W 3:00-5:20pm)
Location: CIT 345
Prerequisities: CS 32 (or equivalent), database/systems knowledge recommended
Credits: PhD (Area C or G), ScM (practice, significant programming)
CSCI 2950-T: Topics in Databases and Systems

Data has gone from scarce to superabundant. We are increasingly moving towards a data-oriented society where data has emerged as the primary enabler for new online services, scientific breakthroughs, and better business and social  decisions. While data has become a commodity, the tools for data management have certainly not. The value of data increases as more people use it, thus it is critical to develop new tools and systems that allow non-specialists to easily manage, analyze, and share data efficiently, privately and securely.    

This course will cover aspects of human-in-the-loop data analysis and exploration. We will study how database tools and systems can optimize user productivity and experience, also consult people along the way to seek input in solving difficult problems. In particular, we will try to answer the following questions:
  1. how should next-generation database systems be designed to be more user friendly and effective for human-oriented usage? 
  2. how can these systems better support collaborative data sharing and decision making?
  3. How can we make use of human intelligence to improve data search and query results?

The specific topics we will cover include:
  • visual interfaces, 
  • online processing, 
  • user modeling, 
  • query relaxation and recommendations, 
  • collaborative and crowd sourced query processing.