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Studio 1

Studio 1 is the largest of the Granoff Center's four production studios. It may be used for events, screenings, performances, and receptions. Studio 1 may also be used as a simulcast location for large events taking place in Martinos Auditorium.

A reservation for Studio 1 includes use of  Dressing Room, S405.  This space may be used as a a dressing room for performances in Studio 1, or as a back-of-house/preparatory space for catered events.  Please note that the Dressing Room is a small space. If you are planning a performance with a large cast or a large catered event, you may wish to request a larger space to serve this purpose.  The Dressing Room is secured by a key (not card access). Keys will be assigned by the Program Coordinator on an as-needed basis.

Studio 1 At-a-Glance:
    Room Number:              S410
    Capacity:                         150 (reception)
                                              100 (seated audience)
    Installed Equipment:    Projector
                                              Control Booth
                                              Blackout Shades
                                              Hardwood Resilient Floor
    Amenities:                      Risers
                                              Dressing Room and Washroom (no shower)

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