Google on the Go! Apps for iPad July 24, 2012

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Attendees: Carrie, Sandesh, Hong (facilitators); Carie, Julie, Sam, Ed, Kristen, Sara, Judy, Christine, Barbara

SORRY - no projection today --- lessons displayed form iPAd which does not connect with Adobe Connect.
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The Gmail app on iPad is still pretty basic, but it does the job. Does not handle mu;tiple identities very well.
Basic functions are there 

Vtok is  free - works great! For voice, video, text chat

Docs- can be edited on iPad, on the go

Voice Search and text search

There is no Google Calendar app for iPad

But most Apps that are available to Brown Google users are available for iPad

Google Hangout is functional and fun - video/audio/caht - on the go!
-Mobile is slightly limited but nearly as functional as the desktop version
-Can't switch apps mid-hangout - can do that with vTok but not G+

Sandesh: can't really multitask - not fully supported

Have good strong internet connection - for example - BrownEZ didnt work well; Brown_Secure worked well.

Google Currents - new app, released late 2011; clean, nice way to view subscription content from your tablet. 
Q: can this connect to other Google Accounts?
A: you can pull in RSS feeds and Google Reader content
What the layout, display of content looks like depends on the publisher and how they are pusing out content.
Content can be shared from Currents to other applications including Facebook and Twitter

Google Play Books more traditional text content
Different than using Kindle or Amazon - a very different store for eBooks.
Doesn't feel as responsive as iBooks or Kindle Reader.  Can do some basic highlighting and annotations. 
Q: can the annotations be shared?
A: the button doesn't seem to work - I make notes and click share but hey dont show up anywhere
Can search the text - highlight a word and search for all instances of it
Q: dictionary?
A: yes- highlight a word and click define
Q: do you have to be online for this?
A: do not know; probably  have to sign in

Google Chrome:
Dedicated search app - different than the basic Google app
Good alternative to using Safari
Can use TABS for browsing!
Connectivity to other regional devices to which you are logged in - a ccess the tabs on your computer from yoru iPad
Similar features for search as the Google App
unified search box, ulnike Safari

General functions - similar to desktop

Q: are any of these apps limited to Apple iPad generations 1,2,3
A: yes- Vtok - because iPad 1 has no camera

Q: Faculty want to know what apps Brown recommendas.
A: CIS does offer help and support for iPad users. Contact or