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Embed Images in Docs, Pages, Presentations

It is always best to embed an image from it's source rather than download and re-upload or attach a *copy* of it to your work. Why? Because the original is always best - and it helps give credit where credit is due - your source.

For Google Sites
  1. On photo sharing sites like Flickr, look for the embed option on the photo you wish to re-use. Be sure you have permission to re-use it.
  2. Grab the embed code if available. 
  3. Paste the embed code in the <html> view of the Sites Page. 
For Docs and Presentations
NOTE: It is very important that the image owner or collection owner has granted permissions for their image(s) to be reused.
  1. Find the photo you wish to share - find the SHARE options for that photo sharing service.
  2. Grab the URL for the photo. 
  3. Go to your Doc or Presentation (or create a new one) and select INSERT.
  4. Choose Image and then 'from URL' or 'from Web'.
  5. Paste the URL of the image location.
  6. Click 'Insert'
NOTE: if the image does not display or there are other problems, the image owner or the photo sharing site may not allow re-use of their images via URL link. You may elect try an alternate method if you know the owner allows re-use.