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Transfer Ownership of Docs

If you're planning to leave a position at Brown, you should transfer any docs that will be needed after you leave.  After your account is suspended, docs will be unavailable to your colleagues unless ownership is transferred per these instructions.

Transfer Ownership of Native Docs (Google Docs format)

To search for only native Google docs (not other uploaded files): 
  • Click the arrow on the right side of the Docs search box
  • Click "All Documents"
  • Click "Owned by Me"

Now you are viewing all native Googel Docs (not files) that are owned by you.

To change ownership:
  • Check the checkbox next to docs you would like to transfer
  • From the More menu at the top of the list of docs, choose Share
  • If the person you'd like to transfer to is not already listed, add them with Edit access
  • Click "Can edit" link next to their name and select "Is owner"

Transfer Ownership of Other Files Stored in Docs (Not Google Docs)

You cannot change ownership of other files stored in docs (for example, Word documents, Excel Spreadsheets, and PDFs). However, you can download these files:
  • Check the checkboxes next to the documents you would like to download
  • Right-click one of the docs and choose Download...
  • You will be offered the choice to download these in "as is" format since they are still in their original file format
  • When you click Download, you will download a .zip file containing all your files
  • You should email this zip file to whoever should have the files and they can upload them into their Google Docs if desired, or keep on a shared (network) drive