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Managing Resources

Resources (such as conference rooms) each have their own calendar in Google.  Someone within the department is assigned editing and sharing access to their resources calendars so they can control how - and by whom - the resource is booked.

Getting Started

If the resource calendar hasn't been created yet, contact the Help Desk to request it. You (assuming you are the owner of the resource) will be given access to manage the resource calendar.    

When the resource is shared with you, you should receive an email with the subject line "Your Resource Name has shared a calendar with you".

Once the calendar has been shared with you, it will appear under My Calendars on your calendar page. 

Please DO NOT change the name of your resource calendar.

Managing Sharing

1. Click the arrow to the right of your resource calendar and choose Share This Calendar.

2. The top part of the "Share This Calendar" screen allows you to choose the overall permissions of your calendar.  In most cases, by default, everyone at Brown can "See All Event Details" for your resource.  This means they are able to book the resource.  Remember that if this is set to "See only Free/Busy", only people you specify will be able to book the resource.

3. The bottom part of the "Share This Calendar" screen allows you to give specific people access to the resource calendar. You can choose the level of access. In most cases, the best way to manage your resource sharing is to give access to a Google Group. For example, you may have a Google Group which contains all members of your department. This way, you can add and remove from the group and the calendar permissions are automatically updated.  

After you add people to the list, remember to click Save to save your changes.   There are four levels of permission you can grant to your resource calendar, as outlined below:

Resource (e.g. Conference Room) Calendar Settings

See Only Free/Busy (hide event details)

Can not book the resource. Can only view whether or not the resource is available.

See All Event Details

Can book the resource. Can only view whether or not the resource is available, and who has booked it if it is unavailable.    This is the recommended setting to assign to Brown University.

Make Changes to Events

Can book the resource, even if it is already booked. Can view whether or not it is available and who has booked it.

Make Changes and Manage Sharing

Can book the resource, even if it is already booked, also for other people. Can add and remove people from using that resource, as well as manage what permissions they have.

Unchecking "Share this calendar with everyone in the organization Brown University"

If you do not share Event Details with all of Brown, only people or groups listed on the bottom of the sharing page can book the resource. For everyone else, it will never show in the "available" list that is shown by default when searching resources.  They can see that the resource exists if they uncheck "show only available", but if they try to book it, they will immediately get a decline.

Manually Approving Events for a Resource

If you would like to control whether the resource is booked automatically, you can do so in the calendar settings. Click the arrow to the right of your resource calendar and choose Calendar Settings.

The item "Auto Accept Invitations" has three options:

Auto-accept invitations that do not conflict

means that anyone who has rights to book the room will have their appointment accepted automatically, but the room cannot be doublebooked by an inviter.  The manager of the resource calendar still has the ability to go into the calendar and reject invitations manually.  This is the recommended option.

 Automatically add all invitations to this calendar

allows inviters to double-book a resource - that is, no matter what, the room takes the appointment.  The manager can then reject all conflicting invitations.  This makes the resource much harder to manage.

 Do not show invitations

means that the room doesn't accept invitations at all.  Essentially, the room is unbookable except for those who have Make Changes to Events privileges or greater.  Those people can  put items on the calendar directly.  However, this basically defeats the purpose of making it a resource calendar.

Receiving Notifications for Your Resource Calendar

If you manage a resource and plan to manage its invitations, you may want to sign up for notifications so you receive an email every time the resource is requested.  You can do so by clicking the arrow to the right of your resource calendar and choosing "Notifications". 

If you request notifications for new invitations, you will receive an email each time that resource is requested.  These emails will include a  "More Details" link which takes you to the event, where you can accept or reject it.