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Migrating Content

All mail on the Exchange server will be automatically migrated for you.  However, if you were archiving or saving content locally through your previous client (eg. Outlook or Entourage), this page will provide instructions for you to import that content into your new account.  Please wait at least 24 hours after your migration to import content. 

Guidelines for choosing a method to migrate local mail & PST files

Find your email client on the list below to see the best tool to migrate your locally saved mail data:

 Mac Mail
 Entourage 2004/2008 (from .rge archives)
 Thunderbird for Mac

 Outlook 2007 (from .pst archives)
 Outlook 2003 (from .pst archives)

Other Platforms / Clients - IMAP Drag/Drop

Other mail clients are NOT supported by the Gmail Uploader for PC. Trying to upload mail from these programs will not work. The Google Email Uploader for Mac OS will upload Eudora (Mac) mail archives as long as Eudora is installed in the default location on your mac (~/Eudora Folder). Eudora and Windows Mail are not supported by CIS.

Some people have had success migrating their Eudora mail into Thunderbird and then using the Google Email Uploader from the resulting Thunderbird mailbox. This is not supported by CIS but may be successful in some cases.

 Outlook Express
 Thunderbird for PC
 Windows Mail (Vista/7)