Genomics Club

Genomics Club is for the research community at Brown University involved in *omics, bioinformatics, and computational biology research and is open to any Brown University grad student, post-doc, PI and other people with various labels doing *omics-related work (bench, bioinfo, etc) - including undergrads. This website is a counterpart to both the monthly meetings and the google-group.

The google-group is roughly reserved for Q/A regarding genomics research going on here at Brown. It is meant to combine our collective expertise to catalyze the rate of progress for any one individual currently struggling with a problem someone else may have already encountered. It will also be how you will receive announcements and news from Genomics Club. It can be found here:

GC meets once/month. Each meeting will feature one or two presenters.  Presentations are about one's own genomics project with an eye toward methodology both in data generation (bench work) and data analysis (bioinformatics) rather than being a results-driven or data-heavy format. See Events-Calendar for up-to-date details about when and where.

You may also want to become familiar with other helpful Brown sites:

The Brown University Genomics Core
            They may have the equipment/service you need (e.g. Illumina sequencing)

The Proteomics Core:
            They may have the equipment/service you need (e.g. Mass Spec.)

Bioinformatics in BioMed @ Brown
            Largely driven by local bioinformatics expert, Lingsheng Dong, there are many useful tutorials on how 
            to use bioinformatics software on Oscar (and much more).

Center for Computation and Visualization (home of Oscar)
            If you do not yet have an Oscar account, this is the place to do it. CCV also has many useful     
            workshops and even an HPC certificate program.

Brown University Molecular Biology, Cellular Biology, and Biochemistry (MCB) graduate program:

Brown University Department of  Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (EEB)

Brown University Center for Computational Molecular Biology (CCMB)

Brown University Department of Computer Science

Brown University Department of Applied Mathematics

Brown University Public Health Program - Center for Statistical Sciences:

Brown University Public Health Program

Casey Dunn's Practical Computing For Biologists:
             If you're new to computing, this book will be a great resource to you.

Software for Brown University students/staff:
            e.g. download  MatLab here

Connect to Brown University network from anywhere:
            e.g. Enable use of your MatLab copy when off campus (or sign onto Oscar)
                Alt1: launch matlab from tight-VNC connection to Oscar
                Alt2: do ssh -Y, then type 'matlab-threaded'
                Alt3: use octave when off network in place of matlab