Matching Mentors and Students

Welcome to FYRE!

Rising sophomores from Leadership Alliance minority-serving institutions (LA-MSIs) will be placed in SR-EIP 2019 summer research sites (R1) through a process involving coordinators and faculty at both the LA-MSIs and R1 institutions.

Applicants must consult with their school's Leadership Alliance (Summer Opportunity) Coordinator before submitting an application.

All Leadership Alliance minority-serving institutions are included in the program.

This space is designed to help coordinators and faculty within the Leadership Alliance communicate about summer research opportunities and to encourage matches between researchers and students among our member institutions.

Projects are listed in the left side-bar by discipline, institution and researcher. Additional projects will be posted in December.

Complete applications require the FYRE Application Form, one Recommendation Form and an Academic Transcript.

TO APPLY, first-year students should complete the FYRE Application Form

TO WRITE A RECOMMENDATION, Leadership Alliance (Summer Opportunity) Coordinators should complete the Recommendation Form.

TO SUBMIT A TRANSCRIPT, student should send Fall 2018 grades (unofficial preferred) as an attachment to with "FYRE" in the subject line. Student's name must be visible on the transcript.

TO LIST A PROJECT, research mentors should complete the Project Description Form.