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Welcome to the home page of the Family Medicine Clerkship at Alpert Medical School of Brown University. Our mission is to teach the next generation of physicians the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to provide first-rate primary care to the US population. Specifically, we aim to increase the number of graduating medical students who have the skills required for and the interest in careers in Family Medicine, particularly among underserved patient populations.

We bring together a core group of outstanding physicians who are devoted to medical education, as well as greater than 140 community faculty at over 80 sites scattered across Rhode Island, Southeastern Massachusetts, and Eastern Connecticut.

Our home base at Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island provides the ideal environment for learning about primary care, community health, and the care of underserved and ethnically diverse communities. The Department of Family Medicine is nationally recognized for its residency, its fellowship in Maternal and Child Health, its pioneering of the Patient-Centered Medical Home, and its top-notch researchers.

Through the support of the Department, Memorial Hospital, Alpert Medical School and the recent addition of Title VII grant funding from HRSA, we aim to provide the finest educational experiences available to medical student, from Alpert or visiting from other institutions.

David Anthony, MD, MSc
Director of Medical Student Education