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H. Integrating Energy Science

Education, Energy

As students in technical disciplines, to be circumspect in addressing design challenges, we must have a full understanding of the exigent technical, social, and economic factors. Currently, there is no degree program or set of courses available that provide an integrated and complete education in sustainable energy. There are imbricated existing efforts within several departments. The teaching of sustainable concepts must be more than a unit of an existing program of study. For these concepts to be fully understood, they must be included holistically. Over the course of the semester, we will study philosophies of technical education, economic and sociological factors affecting energy deployment, sustainable energy technologies and their applications in developing and developed economies. In tandem to the coursework, which is designed to help us shape the program, we will proceed with necessary administrative efforts to facilitate the future concentration. Upon completion of this class, we will have written a proposal and piloted a capstone project for the concentration, as well as a detailed written record of our work in the class. This record will serve as a tool for others who will continue our work or who may wish to use our efforts as a model.

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