Brown Club 



Sweet. Georgia. Brown.

The Brown Club of Georgia connects Georgia alumni, students, and parents to Brown and to each other

Join over 1,200 undergraduate and graduate Brunonians in Georgia from the Classes of 1946 through 2027 -- along with 200+ current students and their parents -- who make up the best club for the best university.

Events Bring Us Together

Our Club sponsors programs and activities that are thoughtful, inclusive, and fun.

Join Our Facebook Group

We advertise most events via email, but our Facebook group is a good way to stay in the loop with what we are planning and to connect with local alumni.

Brown Club of Georgia Facebook Page

Want to be a Member? 

You already are! Anyone who attended Brown is a member. We also invite current Brown students and their parents to many of our events and programming. You don’t need to pay for your membership; you just have to keep your personal myBrown profile contact information up-to-date and save our email to your white list.  Reach out if you have any questions.