Welcome, Classmates!

The mighty Class of 1986 continues our tradition of exceptional school spirit, inclusive dedication to the broader Brown community, and generous philanthropic support for the University.

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On Facebook, join our friendly Brown University Class of 1986 group. (You can also search for bruno86.) Being in the group does not require active participation—although it would be nice to hear from you!—nor active participation on Facebook in general. If you’re hesitant to connect through Facebook, email ceciliafpineda86@alumni.brown.edu for more options and information.

We will share Class of 1986 plans and ideas here, via email, and on Facebook.

Website Ideas?

Email scott.joy.86@alumni.brown.edu with ideas and content to add.

Class Leaders 2022–2026

  • Co-Presidents: Krista Rimple Bradley and Darryl Shrock

  • Vice President: Petra Thomas

  • Treasurer: Chris Schneider

  • Communications co-chairs: Cecilia Pineda and Brad Saffer

  • Webmaster: Scott Joy

  • Reunion co-chairs: Christina McQuiston and Lenore Petteruti

  • Activities co-chairs: Anne Vollen, Parinaz Z Bahadori, and Paul Gallagher

  • Nominating co-chairs: Donna Neale and Marcy Sandler

  • Members at Large: Frank Chen, M-J Haronian, Robe Imbriano, Beena Sarwar

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee

  • DEI co-chairs: M-J Haronian and Donna Neale

  • DEI committee: Frank Chen

Regional Representatives

  • New England: Andy Young

  • New York: Lisa Ferrari

  • Chicago: Andrea K Brown

  • Philadelphia: Marion Brody

  • Washington, D.C.: Parinaz Z Bahadori

  • Minnesota: Paul Udris

  • Southeast: John Song, Celeste Williams

  • South: Paul Gallagher

  • Texas: Marcy Barnes

  • Northern California: John Bliss, Anna Armstrong

  • Southern California: Robert Kovacik

  • Europe: Rose Cartolari, Krista Jacobson

Class Liaison to the University: Amy Haughey, Associate Director, Alumni Relations