Welcome to the Brown Class of 1957 Website!

Welcome to the Brown Class of 1957 Web Site.  First time visitors, don't be alarmed.  Some of the news isn't really new stuff.  We depend on information from classmates.  Some of our best stuff has come from classmates about other classmates.  We especially need photos so we can remember who you are, assuming that only classmates will be visiting our site.  If you are not a classmate and you have an interesting photo, send it on anyway.  We do not discriminate on the basis of age, color, race, creed, religion, sexual preference,  or inner beauty.  Nor class.  Only lack of.

This Class's Web site is a burbler..   Please come back for updated information on our class,  However. it cannot burble without your pressing the burble button; what we really need is your pariticipation, photos, information, stories, suggestions.  Visit the Brown Alumni Association website for more information on the Brown alumni community.  Send news, anecdotes, photos, to Class Secretary Sandy Sundquist Durfee at DURFS@aol.com.  As you have read in BAM, through Sandy Sue's efforts, we have been getting more and more space.

REMEMBER WHEN????  There are a few of us nostalgia nuts who would love you to dig into your own archives and for you to send us photos of your freshman dorm life, your favorite cafeteria worker, or your roommate or even her boyfriend.  Be creative in your selection and send an appropriate caption to go along with it.  If you have felt left out in the past, now is the time to remedy that feeling.  We print anything that fits.

Members pf DU fraternity prepare for Sunday afternoon softball game against their Spring pledge class.   May 1957  Tom Kennedy is wearing his Pogo security sweater as he warms up.


We are looking for contributions from our classmates of the following materials:

  • Original art by class member, spouse (submit photo of art work using jpeg format-with title,  medium, date of production
  • Poetry by class member or spouse, with permission to reproduce on web-site
  • Photography, in jpeg format with title (no more than three images with each submission)
  • Essays, short stories, with permission to reproduce on web sites.

The objective is obvious: to share with our classmates the mutltudinous talents intrinsic to the Class of 1957/