Pre-Trip Readings

Required readings before you arrive in Hawai'i.
 Please print these questions out and reflect upon them after 
completing each viewing/reading.

1. Watch the video Message in the Waves (50 min video in 5 parts)
- What cultural values and concepts did you learn about? How do these compare to your own values?
- What does "Live like you’re in a canoe" mean?  How can it be applied to our own lives?

2. Read the Hawai’i 2050 Sustainability Plan attached below (only goals 3 and 5 are included and required)
- What does "sustainability" mean to you?
- What identified  issues are of greatest interest or concern to you?

3. Read Tutu Pele attached below
- What did you learn about Pele and her significance in Hawai'i?
- Oral tradition is an important part of Hawaiian culture. What are the different ways that knowledge is shared and passed on in your own community? 
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