re|IMAGINE: How Artists Interpret the World
Visual artists and curators who respond to the world around them, whether they view environments as natural, social or politicized

     DAVID BUCKLANDartist and environmental activist 
     SEITU JONES, public installation artist
     AMY LIPTON, independent curator and ecoartspace co-director
     PAUL VILLINSKI, visual artist
     Moderator: Anne Bergeron, 
BAI managing director 
     Panelist bios can be found here.

re|BUILD: Water and Constructed Space

Architects and artists who have used water in their designs and installations in environmentally responsive ways

     SHANNON SCROFANO, designer and interdisciplinary performance artist
     ARTURO VITTORI, Architect
     Moderator: Sheila Bonde, Brown University professor of history of art and architecture (HIAA), professor of archaeology and chair, HIAA
     Panelist bios can be found here

re|SOURCE: Mediascapes

Sonic, visual and performing artists who use environmental data as a structural element of their work via sonification and visualization

     JENNIFER GABRYSUniversity of London department of sociology at Goldsmiths reader 
     LEV MANOVICHmedia theorist and City University of New York computer science professor
     MARKO PELJHANUniversity of California Santa Barbara professor of art and media arts and technology
     ANDREA WOLLENSAK, Connecticut College professor of art, design and media arts 
Lynne Joyrich, Brown University professor and chair of modern culture and media (MCM)
     Panelist bios can be found here.

re|SOUND: Sonic Ecologies

Sound artists, composers and sound ecologists who respond to and reveal the natural world through soundscape compositions and other sonic interventions

     DAVID DUNNcomposer and acoustic ecologist 
     STEVEN FELDethnomusicologist 
     ALAN NAKAGAWAsound artist
     TINA PEARSON, composer and performer 
     Moderator: Joshua Tucker, Brown University assistant professor of music
     Panelist bios can be found here.

re|NEW: The Plastic Ocean

Visual artists, writers and researchers whose work calls attention to and addresses the accumulation of plastic in our oceans

     MARCUS ERIKSEN,  co-founder and research director of The Five Gyres Institute 
     CHRIS JORDANphotographer
     PAM LONGOBARDI, visual artist 
     CARL SAFINAnature writer 
     Moderator:  Jo-Ann Conklin, director, David Winton Bell Gallery, Brown University
     Panelist bios can be found here.

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