re|ACT: symposium on arts and environment 
March 3 & 4, 2017
Granoff Center for the Creative Arts
Brown University

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The Brown Arts Initiative (BAI) is proud to host re|ACT: symposium on arts and environment March 3 & 4, 2017. The March symposium serves as the official programmatic kickoff of the BAI and brings together cutting edge artists and scholars whose work engages with the multiplicity of environments in which we live. From the natural environment to data mediascapes to sonic ecologies, re|ACT showcases the latest arts practice and research that reacts to and with the environment.

In addition to two keynote addresses — by Natalie Jeremijenko and Mierle Laderman Ukeles — the re|ACT panel topics include:

re|IMAGINE: How Artists Interpret the World    
Visual artists and curators who respond to the world around them, whether they view environments as politicized, natural or social

re|BUILD: Water and Constructed Space
Architects and artists who have used water in their designs in environmentally responsive ways

re|SOURCE: Mediascapes 
Sonic, visual and performing artists who use environmental data as a structural element of their work via sonification and visualization

re|SOUND: Sonic Ecologies 
Sound artists, composers and sound ecologists who respond to and reveal the natural world through soundscape compositions and other sonic interventions

re|NEW: The Plastic Ocean
Visual artists, writers and researchers whose work calls attention to and addresses the accumulation of plastic in our oceans

Please see the Panelists page for more information on the individual panelists.

A consortium of six art departments and two affiliated programs representing the performing, visual and literary arts at Brown University, the BAI is designed to foster an interdisciplinary environment where faculty, students, artists and scholars in a wide range of fields from across the campus and around the world can learn from and inspire one another. 

re|ACT launches the first of the BAI's three-year programmatic themes, organized to address important contemporary questions and engage faculty and students from diverse departments, as well as internationally recognized artists and scholars beyond Brown. Stay tuned for more….

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