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Last, First NameStatusYearDeptOccupationThesis
Okashige, Sidney Undergraduate 1967 American Civilization Retired  
Allgeier, Marsha Undergraduate 1970 American Civilization Deputy County Manager, Arlington County  
Lee, Dale Wonmin Undergraduate 1970 American Civilization Chief Operating Officer, William S. Richardson School of Law, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa  
Mulloy, Sherry Yee Undergraduate 1971 American Civilization Attorney Of Counsel, Peabody & Arnold  
Zen, Erik Robert  Undergraduate 1973 American Civilization Bankruptcy Attorney, Honolulu County  
Marshall, Karen  Undergraduate 1973 American Civilization Thrive Project Consultant, Camp Fire USA The rise of anti-Japanese sentiment and the campaign for Japanese exclusion: 1900-1924 
Tow, Christopher Yat  Undergraduate 1974 American Civilization Vice President, South Pacific, Inc.  
Cheng, Elizabeth Ann Undergraduate 1978 English  Asian-American Writers of the Twentieth Century 
Fa, Angie Undergraduate 1981 Sociology Department Chair, Asian American Studies Department, City College of San Francisco  
Paik, Richard A. Undergraduate 1982 American Civilization Director, Urban Interactive AND VP, W-ZHA Inc.  
Lee, Laura H. Undergraduate 1982 American Civilization   
Ching, Deborah M. Undergraduate 1983 American Civilization Consultant, Ching Consulting  
Tsuang, Grace Wen Undergraduate 1985  Attorney, K&L Seattle, Washington The Politics of the Chinese American Community, 1850 to 1911 
Margolies, Lee Heh Undergraduate 1986 American Civilization   
Fa, Christina Undergraduate 1987 Independent   
Kim, Heidi Ji Hei Undergraduate 1987 American Civilization Director of Diversity, Seattle Preparatory School  
Campbell, Susan K. Undergraduate 1987 American Civilization Writer  
Kim, Sojin Undergraduate 1988 American Civilization Curator, Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage, Smithsonian Institution  
Metzel, Jamie F. Undergraduate 1988 Independent  The Transition of Hmong Immigrants to the United States : Oral Histories from Providence, Rhode Island 
Sen, Rinku Undergraduate 1988 Women's Studies President and Executive Director, Applied Research Center (ARC); Publisher, Colorlines.com  
Takesue, Kisa J. Undergraduate 1988 American Civilization Director, Leadership Programs, Brown University Continuing Education  
Tseng, Linda L. Undergraduate 1989 American Civilization Production Designer, Raison Pure  
Vasaturo, Laura Undergraduate 1990 American Civilization Lawyer  
Kim, Amanda Mei Undergraduate 1990 American Civilization Public Information Officer/Legislative Liaison at County of San Mateo, Human Services Agency  
Chang, Margaret Undergraduate 1991 American Civilization Director, Curricular Resource Center, Brown University  
Liwanag, Myra Undergraduate 1991 American Civilization Director, Regional and Multicultural Programs, Alumni Relations, Brown University  
Yee, Mala Undergraduate 1991 Independent ("American Cultural Identity: Focusing on African American and Asian American Women")   
Shiao, Jiannbian  Undergraduate 1991 Women's Studies Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Oregon  
Banson, Catherine Khang Undergraduate 1992 American Civilization Lawyer in Hong Kong  
Dowd, Jennifer Lynne  Undergraduate 1992 American Civilization   
Shiraki, Ryan Tamotsu  Undergraduate 1992 American Civilization Director/Screenwriter, "Awkward" TV Show  
Bae, Jean Sook Undergraduate 1992 American Civilization Doctor, Family Therapy Center of Madison  
Chan, Andrew Tan Undergraduate 1992 American Civilization Doctor, Massachusetts General Hospital  
Miele, Donna Lee Undergraduate 1992 American Civilization Co-editor, Rockland County Times  
Kwon, David Undergraduate 1992 Sociology  Asians in America : From Legal Exclusion to Model Minority 
Gupta, Anu R. Undergraduate 1993 English Director, Corporate Contributions Division of Johnson & Johnson The Emerging Voice, the Newest Thread : South Asian American Literature 
Kimura, Kimberlee  Undergraduate 1993 American Civilization Assessor/Recorder, City and County of San Francisco  
Lee, Sang Jin Undergraduate 1993 American Civilization President, SJL Attorney Search  
Chang, Richard Undergraduate 1993 English Art and Entertainment Writer, The Orange County Register Understanding Theresa Hak Kyung Cha's Dictee 
Houh, Emily Ming-Sue Undergraduate 1993 American Civilization Associate Dean of Faculty and Gustavus Henry Wald Professor of the Law and Contracts, College of Law, University of Cincinnati  
Song, Karen Boe-Yong Undergraduate 1993 American Civilization Director, Producer, Editor, DP & Camera, SINGASONG PRODUCTIONS, INC.  
Lee, Sujin Undergraduate 1994 American Civilization Principal, Sujin Lee Coaching & Consulting; Board of Directors, Asian Pacific Environmental Network  
King, Homay Undergraduate 1994 Modern Culture and Media  Chinese Culture in American Diaspora: The Daughterly Duty in Chinese American Literature & Film 
Paik, Leslie Undergraduate 1994 Literature and Society  Ethnic Ways of Seeing: The Field of Asian American Cultural Production and its Audiences  
Malhotra, Shelly Undergraduate 1994 American Civilization Director of Strategic Projects, Sihanouk Hospital Center of HOPE Negotiating gender and ethnicity in the "Melting Pot": The immigrant writing of Bharati Mukherjee, past and present 
Jan, Frank Kai Undergraduate 1995 English  The Construction of Asian American Masculinity in Literature and Media 
Lee, Siemay Undergraduate 1995 Environmental Science Doctor, Internal Medicine, Private Practice Are Turner Reservoir Fish Safe to Eat?: A Risk Assessment of Rhode Island Southeast Asian American Fishers 
Tsang, Mimi  Undergraduate 1995 American Civilization Designer, Hello Shiso  
Do, My  Undergraduate 1995 American Civilization Community Development Specialist, City of Daly City Depression and alienation among Vietnamese adolescents 
Lipman, Jana Undergraduate 1996 Ethnic Studies Assistant Professor, History, Tulane University My Lai: Amerasians - Amerasians in Vietnam and the United States 
Ernst, Kavita  Undergraduate 1996 American Civilization Doctor, Stanford Hospital  
Fujii, Stephanie Undergraduate 1996 Anthropology Executive Director of Full-Time MBA Admissions, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business  
Kim, Jennifer Undergraduate 1996 American Civilization   
So, Suyin Undergraduate 1997 Independent, Public Policy Founding Executive Director, Central Queens Academy Charter School  
Baltazar, Natalia A. Undergraduate 1997 American Civilization Litigation Attorney, U.S. Department of Labor (2007) Domestic violence in the Filipino-American/immigrant community: Mukha nang Filipina na binatok: the Face of an Abused Filipina 
Kawatachi, Megan Undergraduate 1997 American Civilization   
Pang, Clara Undergraduate 1997 Environmental Science  Southeast Asians in Providence and their Urban Environment: Establishing Connections, Assessing Perceptions, Influencing Policy 
Lee, Sandra Yee Undergraduate 1997 American Civilization   
Louie, Nguyen Thi Dinh  Undergraduate 1997 American Civilization   
Rhim, Helen Undergraduate 1997 American Civilization   
Punongbayan, Christopher Abalos Undergraduate 1998 Independent ("Asian Diaspora in America") Deputy Director, Asian Law Caucus  
Chae, Hui Soo Undergraduate 1998 Ethnic Studies Director of Development & Research at the Edlab at Teachers College, Columbia University; Associate Director of the Gottesman Libraries  
Sperber, Jason Undergraduate 1998 Ethnic Studies Self-Employed  
Tow-Yick, Heather  Undergraduate 1998 American Civilization Executive Director, Rhode Island TFA  
Chestnut, Caitilin Asako  Undergraduate 1999 American Civilization Family Practitioner in Albuquerque, NM  
Lee, Jennifer Undergraduate 1999 Ethnic Studies Retail Planner, RTC Documenting Young Voices of Color 
Ryu, Fay Chang  Undergraduate 1999 Ethnic Studies Illustrator  
Chanse, Samantha Christina  Undergraduate 2000 American Civilization Program Consultant & Board Member at Kearny Street Workshop; Independent Consultant  
Almonte, Alexeis P. Undergraduate 2000 Ethnic Studies Manager of Learning & Development at Athenahealth  
Foo, Farng-Yeong Bruthina Undergraduate 2000 Independent ("Culture of the Asian Diaspora") Associate, Leahey & Johnson, P.C. in NYC  
Wu, Vanessa C. Undergraduate 2000 Ethnic Studies   
Yau, Cyrus Hayming  Undergraduate 2000 Ethnic Studies Resident, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh at UPMC  
Phan, Duong Thai Undergraduate 2000 Ethnic Studies   
Mackie, Elizabeth Yoon Hwa  Undergraduate 2000 American Civilization Adjunct Assistant Professor, Asian American Studies Program, Carleton College "I am Korean but ... " : the Korean Adoptee's Search for Identity and Belonging 
Tam, Pui Ling Undergraduate 2000 English Principal, Community Collaborative Consulting The Production and Consumption of Asian American Literature: a Reading Towards Re-production 
Wan, Michele Sheau-Ping  Undergraduate 2001 Ethnic Studies Adjunct Assistant Professor, Columbia University; Owner, Westport Dog Training LLC  
Ha, Jiminie Undergraduate 2001 Ethnic Studies Founder, W/ Projects, Inc.  
Ahn, Yvonne Undergraduate 2001 History   
Lee, Brian Jay  Undergraduate 2001 Ethnic Studies   
Shin, Carolyn Yoonho  Undergraduate 2001 American Civilization   
Tau, Nguyet Minh Undergraduate 2001 Environmental Science Pediatric Dentist, Happy Teeth Dental Care Got Asthma? Southeast Asians Living with Asthma in Providence, R.I.: A Study of Southeast Asian Awareness, Perceptions, and Management of Asthma 
Sundaram, Padma Undergraduate 2002 American Civilization   
Chatterji, Miabi Undergraduate 2002 Ethnic Studies  Bold When Strength is Wanted': A Collective History of Radical Asian American Activits in the 1940s and '50s 
Luk, Sharon Kim Undergraduate 2002 Ethnic Studies   
Fong, Brian Undergraduate 2002 History Visiting Lecturer and Director of Social Studies/History MAT program, Brown University  
Paik, Aimee Soyun Undergraduate 2002 Ethnic Studies  Contesting Locations: A Critical Analysis of a Korean American 
Kwak, Chanyoung Undergraduate 2002 Ethnic Studies  Fashionable Otherness: A Study of Multiculturalism in Popular Culture in the Late 1990s 
Nguyen, Kim Dung  Undergraduate 2003 American Civilization   
Sarin, Amit Undergraduate 2003 Ethnic Studies   
Ishimoto, Moye Rhea  Undergraduate 2003 American Civilization Works at G4 TV, Attack of the Show, and Co-editor of 8Asians.com Anime in America and the American Otaku 
Ishihara, Kohei Undergraduate 2003 Ethnic Studies PrYSM (Providence Youth Student Movement) Between Justice and Love: Southeast Asian Americans, Racial Politics, and Thoughts on Political Struggle 
Sta. Ana, Victor Francis  Undergraduate 2003 Ethnic Studies   
Koh, Melissa Suzeanne  Undergraduate 2003 Ethnic Studies   
Tsao, Clement Undergraduate 2003 Ethnic Studies Law Student in Cinncinati Transgressing Institutional Boundaries in Asian American Studies: A Student Intervention 
Joseph, Michael Undergraduate 2003 Environmental Science  How Southeast Asian Americans in Providence, RI Perceive The Risk of Mercury Exposure from Eating Fish: An Environmental Health Literacy Approach 
Chong, Vincent E. Undergraduate 2003 Ethnic Studies Resident at UCSF East Bay Surgery Health Care, Racial Formation, and Liberation: The Southeast Asian Experience 
Asaka, Megan Undergraduate 2003 Ethnic Studies Graduate Student at Yale University Ethnicity, Race and Immigration JACKSON STREET: The Politics of Space, Community, and Resistance among Japanese Americans and African Americans in Seattle, 1890-1950 
Laud, Nikhil Gajanan  Undergraduate 2003 Ethnic Studies   
Bush, Nicole Akemi  Undergraduate 2004 American Civilization Freelance, Brand Development + Communications  
Kumar, Manisha Undergraduate 2004 Ethnic Studies Resident, Memorial Hospital of RI   
Seng, Jan Undergraduate 2004 Ethnic Studies   
Furukawa, Gen William  Undergraduate 2004 American Civilization Fellow, eLab  
Moua, Pang Houa Undergraduate 2004 American Civilization Director of Communications, Southeast Asia Resource Action Center Political mobilization and the transformation of Hmong communities : The Hmong Veterans' Naturalization Act 
Lee, Jason Hounyee  Undergraduate 2004 American Civilization Associate, Latham & Watkins LLC of San Francisco  
Chang, David Teh Hsien  Undergraduate 2004 Ethnic Studies Works at Morrison Foerester  
Kumar, Manisha Undergraduate 2004 Ethnic Studies Obstetrics at Lawrence General Hospital Fellow (2012)  
Pong, Cynthia Wai-San Undergraduate 2004 Ethnic Studies Public Defender at Legal Aid Society  
Yee, Christopher Undergraduate 2004 Sociology Lawyer, Paul Hastings Janofsky & Walker  
Chung, Iris Undergraduate 2005 American Civilization Chief Communications Officer, Lootok Ltd.  
Herreria, Robert L. Undergraduate 2005 Ethnic Studies   
Suh, Joanne Dong  Undergraduate 2005 Ethnic Studies   
Villanueva, Joanne G. Undergraduate 2005 Ethnic Studies Student at University of California Berkeley Law School (2011)  
Siew, Angela Lui-Fung  Undergraduate 2006 American Civilization   
Lee, Juhyung H. Undergraduate 2006 Ethnic Studies Teacher at Public School in Queens, NY, Graduate of Teacher's College at Columbia  
Manghnani, Amita Undergraduate 2006 American Civilization Events Coordinator, Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU Rhythm nation : South Asian America performs race onstage 
Leewong, Hillary Undergraduate 2006 English  Racial Concepts: Desire, Multiraciality, and the (Re)production of Asian American Literature 
Huang, Vanessa Undergraduate 2006 Ethnic Studies Consultant at Vanessa Huang Consulting, Center for Media Justice  
Wang, Doreen Undergraduate 2006 Ethnic Studies Rockefeller Brown Fund  
Reyes, Noel Arce  Undergraduate 2006 Ethnic Studies   
Tubridy, Miyo Undergraduate 2006 Ethnic Studies   
Wong, Jane Mee Undergraduate 2007 Ethnic Studies  Two Liberated Women of Singapore: Feminist Nationalism in Breaking the Tongue and Joss and Gold 
Miki, Ken Michael  Undergraduate 2007 Ethnic Studies   
Chu, Stephanie Undergraduate 2007 Environmental Science  An Environmental Health Risk Assessment: Fish Consumption among Southeast Asian Fishermen in Rhode Island and Risk from PCB Exposure 
Wang, Jane Li Undergraduate 2007 Ethnic Studies   
Foo, Janis Undergraduate 2007 History Yale University Law School Student ('13)  
Tan, Jennifer Ha  Undergraduate 2007 American Civilization Graduate Student, Booth School of Business and the School of Social Service Administration at the University of Chicago  
Phan, Lam Thanh Undergraduate 2007 Ethnic Studies Professional Recruitment Manager for Teach for America The Phenomenon of William Hung: American Idol, Images, and Fan Communities in Cyberspace 
Santos, Michael Angelo Munoz  Undergraduate 2007 Ethnic Studies   
Kawamura, Jessica Miyeko Undergraduate 2007 Ethnic Studies Presidential Management Fellow/Budget Analyst at U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; Homeless Children's Playtime Project DC Site Coordinator Legacies: Asian American Women's Activism in San Francisco 
Pelayo, Monica Undergraduate 2008 American Civilization Programs Assistant, Studio for Southern California History Cultural Intersections : The Development of Olvera Street and China City 
Mar, Jessica Elizabeth Undergraduate 2008 Ethnic Studies   
Ali, Jhale Undergraduate 2008 Anthropology Summer Associate, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman  
Morita, Alexa Rose  Undergraduate 2009 American Civilization   
Rha, Alice Desdemona  Undergraduate 2009 American Civilization   
Luo, Yifan Undergraduate 2009 American Civilization Information Specialist, The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University  
Lee, Christable Undergraduate 2009 Ethnic Studies Student, Loyola Law School  
Kawai, Hana Undergraduate 2010 Ethnic Studies All Girl Everything Ultimate Program Coordinator The Work Children Do: Resolving Conflict and Building Community in a New York City Elementary School 
Vu, Ngoc-Tran Minh Undergraduate 2010 Ethnic Studies   
Yang, Teng Undergraduate 2010 Ethnic Studies  American Hmong: A Memoir Play 
Zhang, Linda Undergraduate 2010 Ethnic Studies  Reframing Explanations of Cardiovascular Disease Disparities of Black American Males: How Social Justice Analysis Can Inform Epidemiology and Public Health 
Ho, Caitlin Undergraduate 2010 Ethnic Studies Associate, Initiatives for Girls and Women at NoVo Foundation Cultures of Rescue: International Efforts to Aid Victims of Human Trafficking 
Wang, Xingyue Undergraduate 2011 Ethnic Studies   
Choi, Frances Undergraduate 2011 Ethnic Studies PrYSM (Providence Youth Student Movement)  
Misra, Tanmay Undergraduate 2011 American Civilization Membership Coordinator, International Criminal Court, Cour Pénale Internationale Essays in Contemporary American Film: Youth Culture and Politics between 9/11 and Obama 
Wang, Star Undergraduate 2011 Ethnic Studies   
Chema, Gem Lydia  Undergraduate 2011 American Civilization English Teacher, Fulbright Korea  
Truong, Vivian Undergraduate 2012 Ethnic Studies Asian Youth in Action (AYA) Program Coordinator at Caaav: Organizing Asian Communities To Be Seen and Heard: Youth Voice and Visibility in a Southeast Asian Community Organization 
Natividad, Tim Undergraduate 2012 Ethnic Studies Business Development and Sales, Google Inc.  
Nguyen, Thuy-Mai Vu Undergraduate 2012 Ethnic Studies  Mọi sự tùy duyên Or Everything Just Happens: A Second-Generation Vietnamese-American Hoarding of Memory In the Home and Body 
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