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Last, First NameStatusYearDeptOccupationThesis
Kim, Doo-Sub  Graduate (PhD) 1983 Sociology Professor of Sociology, Hanyang University Socioeconomic Inequality and Fertility: The Cases of Korea and the United States 
Fujita, Gayle Kimi  Graduate (PhD) 1986 English Associate Professor of English, Meiji University Tokyo Japan The "Ceremonial Self" in Japanese American Literature 
Ogura, Izumi Graduate (MA) 1986 American Civilization Professor, Kyushu University in Japan  
Ryan, Christine E. Graduate (PhD) 1987 Sociology Assistant Professor of Psychiatry & Human Behavior, Brown University; Director, Family Research Program, Rhode Island Hospital IndoChinese Refugees in the U.S.: Background Characteristics, Initial Adjustment Patterns, and the Role of Policy 
Kim, Il-Young Graduate (PhD) 1993 Sociology  A Comparative Study of Living Arrangements Among Elderly Asian Immigrants in the United States 
Ting, Jennifer Puali'i Graduate (MA) 1994 American Civilization Associate Director of Prospect Research, University of Michigan (2010)  
Park, Jung Wee Graduate (PhD) 1994 Sociology  Traditional Medicine in Korea and America: A Study in the Political Economy of Hanbang 
Peterson, Kristen Karen Graduate (MA) 1995 Sociology  White, Japanese, or Other? Generational Continuities in Ethnic Identification 
Yoshihara, Mari Graduate (PhD) 1997 American Civilization Professor of American Studies, University of Hawaii at Manoa Women's Asia: American Women and the Gendering of American Orientalism, 1870s-WWII 
Sun, Rongjun Graduate (MA) 1997 Sociology Associate Professor, Sociology, Cleveland State University Residential Concentration of Asian Americans in the U.S. Metropolitan Areas in 1990 
Phua, Voon Chin Graduate (PhD) 1997 Sociology Assistant Professor, Sociology, Gettysburg College The Economic Well-Being of Elderly Asian Americans 
Park, Keong-Suk Graduate (PhD) 1998 Sociology  Geographic Proximity Beween Elderly Parents and their Children in the United States and Japan: Convergence of Individualism and Familism? 
Yu, Lawrence Hsiao-Yun Graduate (PhD) 1999 English Editor, Academic English Editing Cultural Nationalism and Asian American Literary Formation 
Tsu, Cecilia Ming-yan Graduate (MA) 1999 American Civilization Assistant Professor, History, University of California at Davis  
Mengel, Laurie Marie Graduate (MA) 1999 American Civilization   
Esara, Pilapa Graduate (MA) 1999 American Civilization Assistant Professor, Anthropology, State University of New York, College of Brockport  
Aguilar-San Juan, Karin Graduate (PhD) 2000 Sociology Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Macalester College Creating Ethnic Places: Vietnamese American Community-Building In Orange County And Boston 
Locke, Brian K. Graduate (PhD) 2000 American Civilization Visiting Lecturer, Ethnic Studies, University of Colorado at Boulder Three's a Crowd: The Racial Triangle of "White," "Black," and "Asian" Men in Post-World War Two United States Culture 
Tolentino, Cynthia Hocson Graduate (PhD) 2001 American Civilization Associate Professor, English, University of Oregon The Liberal, the Sociologist, and the Novelist: Narratives of Race and National Development in African American and Asian American Fiction of the 1940s 
Reyes, Eric Estuar Graduate (PhD) 2004 American Civilization Assistant Professor, Asian American Studies Program, California State University, Fullerton The Politics of Globalization in Filipino American Culture 
Imai, Shiho Graduate (PhD) 2005 History  Creating the Nisei Market  
Lee, Christopher Ming Graduate (PhD) 2005 English Assistant Professor, English, University of British Columbia and Associate Principal, St. John's College The Asian American Object: Aesthetic Mediation and the Ethics of Writing 
Peterson, Kristen Karen Graduate (PhD) 2006 Sociology  Contextual Changes, Dimensions of Distinctiveness, and Ethnic Continuity for Japanese Americans, 1990-2000 
Tengan, Carla Sadako Graduate (PhD) 2006 American Civilization  Cultivating Communities: Japanese American Gardeners in Southern California, 1910–1980 
Prasad, Shankar K. Graduate (PhD) 2006 Political Science Adjunct Associate Professor of Public Administration, New York University Red, Brown, and Blue: The Political Behavior of Asian Indian Americans 
Frank, Caroline Graduate (PhD) 2007 American Civilization Visiting Ass't Professor, American Studies, Brown China as Object and Imaginary in the Making of an American Nation, 1680-1780  
Inouye, Karen Graduate (PhD) 2008 American Civilization Core Faculty, American Studies, Indiana University Changing History: Competing Notions of Japanese American Experience, 1942–2006 
Lee, Wendy Graduate (PhD) 2011 English  Lecturer, History and Literature Program, Harvard University   
Mukherji, Ani  Graduate (PhD) 2011 American Civilization Visiting Assistant Professor, Honors College, Univ.of Wisconsin-Milwaukee The Anticolonial Imagination: the Exilic Productions of American Anticolonialism in Interwar Moscow 
Johnson, Jessica Graduate (PhD) 2012 American Studies Outreach Coordinator, Dept. of History, U Mass. Amherst The Labor of Refuge: Kalmyk Displaced Persons, the 1948 Displaced Persons Act, and the Origins of U.S. Refugee Resettlement 
Katz, Debby Graduate (PhD) 2012 English   
Bae, Jin Suk Graduate (PhD) 2013 American Studies Post-doctoral fellow, Asiatic Research Inst. Hankuk University Remigrating to the Global City: New York Koreans from Latin America” 
Lee, Heather Graduate (PhD) 2014 American Studies Mellon Post Doctoral Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Consuming Labor: Migration and Mobility of Chinese Restaurant Workers in New York City, 1894-1965 
Chen, Thomas Graduate (PhD) 2014 American Studies Visiting Assistant Professor, American Studies, Tufts University “Making Boston’s Chinatown: Race, Place, and Culture in the Postwar Metropolis,” 
Noche, Ronaldo Graduate (PhD) current American Studies  “Beyond Pensionados and Manongs: Filipino Entrepreneurs, Musicians, and Workers in the Film and Sports Industries, 1900s-­‐1960s,” 
Chung, Patrick Graduate (PhD) current History  “Beyond Pensionados and Manongs: Filipino Entrepreneurs, Musicians, and Workers in the Film and Sports Industries, 1900s-­‐1960s,” 
Fujioka, Brent Graduate (PhD) current American Studies  Four-Color Creatures: Monstrosity in American Comic Books and Japanese Manga, 1938 to Present 
Johnson, Amy Graduate (PhD) current American Studies  “The Coldest Blooded Outrage”: Constructing Race and Space in Late-Nineteenth Century Los Angeles 
Tripp, Colleen Graduate (PhD) current American Studies  “Pacific Sensations, the Beginnings of American Orientalism in U.S. Popular Culture” 
Hwang, Maria Graduate (PhD) current American Studies  Mixing Business and Pleasure in Hong Kong: Gendered Migration, Sex Work, and Border Control 
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