Yale University

Yale University does not have an Asian American Studies department or program for both undergraduate and graduate students.  The Asian American Culture Center holds “Asian American Studies,” which coordinates speakers and lectures about AAS as a part of an enrichment program. Yale also has a major named Ethnicity, Race, and Migration that may allow for an Asian American sub-focus. 

Yale has a student “Task Force” that has been pushing for greater Asian American professorship and course offerings since 2007.

Coursework is limited and not compiled in one place. The following list of AAS courses is from Yale Asian American Students Alliance's APA Blog:
  • HIST 183: Asian American History, 1800 to the Present A new perspective
  • HIST 166J: Asian American Women and Gender, 1830 to the Present 
  • AMST 322: Gender, Family and Cultural Identity in Asia and the United States 
  • ENGL 339: American Literary Nationalisms 
  • AMST 695: Craft in Colonial and Independent India
Mary Lui, American Studies and History

For more information about Yale's Asian American Studies Program, refer to http://aacc.yalecollege.yale.edu/asian-american-studies.