University of Pennsylvania

UPenn has an AAS program, which offers an AAS minor to undergraduate students. A small group of graduate students are also funded by the program to organize AAS-related events/speakers. AAS is not its own department. Vast majority are cross-listed by adjuncts, but also some courses are just AAS. director the program tenure. two rooms from sociology -- negotiated space. Tenure track -- adjuncts are teaching ONE course. enrollment/demand is the barrier. students wanting courses but dont take courses 123 are ah zam yearly. 96-97. 80s students pushed for it. students were pushing for it. senior tenured people pushed for it. no physical space. not that big. AmCiv dept. disbanded in mid 90s. Separate latino studies -- with latin america studies. no native american studies. pre-professional school. not central to theri education for the future. requiremtne for cultural diversity in the U.S. everyone has to take a race/ethnicity/gender/sexuality. 

This is the list of courses that were offered for Spring 2011 and Fall 2012. 
  • ASAM 001 Asian Americans in Contemporary Society
  • ASAM 002 Introduction to Asian American Literature 
  • ASAM 006 Race & Ethnic Relations 
  • ASAM 160 South Asians in the US 
  • ASAM 201 Ethnic Economies & Globalization 
  • ASAM 299 Independent Study 
  • ASAM 003 Intro to Asian American History 
  • ASAM 110 Asian American Activism 
  • ASAM 201 Immigrant Urban Labor in US 
  • ASAM 202 Asians in Hollywood 
  • ASAM 203 Topics in Asian American History: Japanese American Internment 
  • ASAM 205 Asian American Communities 
  • ASAM 239 Migration & Middle East
Grace Kao, Sociology, Education, and Asian American Studies 
Josephine Park, English and Asian American Studies, Director of Asian American Studies 
David Eng, English 
Eiichiro Azuma, History 

For more information, visit the UPenn Asian American Studies Program website at