Dartmouth University

The Asian American Studies Program at Dartmouth was established as a result of a student led initiative in the late 90s. The program officially began in 2006. Although there were a large percentage of Asian/Asian American students on campus, they have always had difficulty maintaining Asian American course offerings due to lack of interest in courses. Dartmouth also offers Latin American, Latino & Caribbean Studies, Native American Studies, African and African American Studies, and Asian Studies. No Ethnic Studies or American Studies Programs exist.

Dartmouth has a small Asian American Studies Program with course offerings based in other departments. No major or minor is available for undergraduate or graduates. Seniors have the option of working with tenured faculty in Sociology, English, or history if their thesis focuses on AAS. Dartmouth also offers a program called Transnational Asian/Asian Workgroup for its faculty. This working group seeks to convene faculty interested in developing a scholarly conversation about "Asia" and "America."

Dartmouth has offered one or two Asian American Studies consistently through the years including English 44: Asian American Literature & Culture, English 72: Science, Fiction, and Empire English English 67.8: Contemporary Asian American Literature and Culture, History 6: Asian American Sexuality and Gender, History 32: Asians in the Americas to 1905, History 33: Asian Americans in the Twentieth Century, History 96: Race, Ethnicity, Immigration, and Empire: Asian Pacific American, History WGST 7: Asian American Women's Writing, COLT 57/INT ST 17: Women of the Asian Diaspora, Socy 49 A Sociological Introduction to the Asian American Experience, and Socy 79 The Sociology of Asian America.

Aimee S. Bahng, English (sabbatical in 2012-13)
Jean J. Kim, History 

For more information about Dartmouth's Asian American Studies Program can be found at http://www.dartmouth.edu/~asiam.