Cornell University

Founded in 1987, the Asian American Studies Program at Cornell was the first of its kind within the Ivy League. 

Cornell’s College of Arts and Sciences offers an undergraduate minor in Asian American Studies. The program does not offer a graduate course of study, but students can undertake graduate work in Asian American Studies within selected disciplines of the university. 

Cornell offers regular, extensive list of Asian American courses. The listings include the following: AAS 1100: Introduction to Asian American Studies, AAS 1120: Comparative Perspectives, AAS 2130: Asian American History, AAS 2150: The Reel Asian America, AAS 2041: Asian American Communities, AAS 2070: Asian American Workers and the Law, AAS 2100: South Asian Diasporic Locations, AAS 2620: Introduction to Asian American Literature, AAS 2820: Popular Culture & Asian America,  AAS 3030: Asians in the Americas, AAS 3150: Asian American Activism, AAS 3470: Asian American Women's History,  AAS 3801: Asian American Urban Experience, AAS 3901: Asian Americans Politics and Public Policy,  AAS 3970: Asian Americans and the Third World Movements, AAS 4000: Theories and Methods, AAS 4140: Popular Culture and Visual Practice in Asian America, AAS 4170: Asian American Popular Culture, AAS 4950: Independent Study, AAS 4954: Yellowface, AAS 4970: Jim Crow & Exclusion Era America.

Viranjini Munasinghe, Anthropology 
Derek Chang, History 
Shelley Wong, English 
Minh-Ha Pham, History of Art and Visual Studies 

For more information, visit the Cornell Asian American Studies Program website at or their Asian American Studies Resource Center at