Asian American Studies has claimed an ever-growing space at Brown for more than 40 years. Since those days of Group Independent Studies, Asian American Studies courses have become a regular part of the curriculum in several different departments, American Studies, English, and Ethnic Studies. Although there is no concentration program in Asian American Studies, three students have created independent concentrations in Asian American Studies, while many others concentrating in Ethnic Studies and American Studies have focused their studies on Asian America.  Still others have written senior theses on Asian American topics with the help of Asian American Studies faculty in many other concentrations like English, History, Public Policy and Sociology.  

Asian American Studies at Brown has a particularly strong faculty and graduate student research base, unique among on the Ivies and on the East Coast. Brown has become one of the leading university for the doctoral training in Asian American Studies. Currently there are numerous graduate students doing work in Asian American Studies at Brown.

This website is the product of 2012 summer research of Professor Bob Lee and Juhee Kwon '14, in hopes of establishing an Asian American Studies program with the change in administration during the 2012-13 academic year. The research consisted of online and archival research, collecting fragmented pieces of Brown's Asian American history. We have also reached out to various AAS programs and departments to present a comparative analysis of Asian American Studies -- both within the Ivy League and at other universities across the nation. A special thanks to various Asian American professors and graduate students for their support, Betty Hua for the recommendation, and Jeff Chen for the photos.