ISLALS: The International Society for Late Antique Literary Studies

ISLALS grows out of the contacts forged at the 2011 conference, The Classics Renewed: The Latin Poetry of Late Antiquity, a bi-coastal, two part gathering on late Latin poetry held in March of that year at Rice and in October at Brown.  Those conferences included some thirty participants, representing four continents and over a dozen countries.  ISLALS is a loose scholarly organization—it has no formal membership structure, no dues, etc. Its current mailing list includes some seventy scholars from around the world who study or have interests in literary activity, east and west, in the late antique period.  ISLALS is presently guided by Scott McGill, Joe Pucci, and David Bright.  We will be happy to rotate responsibilities, such as they are, to others who are interested in keeping the group active.  Our main goal is to organize a conference, certainly every other year, perhaps annually, in which some of us can gather to think about a set topic or theme.