FRIDAY DEC 5, 2014

9:50 AM 88554 One Act Play D. Slowik Falcon Cove Will I?
3:02 PM 88554 Duet Acting Hadley Malbec Dorothy and Alice
3:02 PM 88554 Duet Acting Clara de Paula Dorothy and Alice
3:09 PM 88554 Duet Acting Fabi Carrillo At Last, Payoff for Crime Victims
3:09 PM 88554 Duet Acting Alexia Cosman At Last, Payoff for Crime Victims
3:16 PM 88554 Duet Acting Julia Gordon School Girl Figure
3:16 PM 88554 Duet Acting Catalina Savage School Girl Figure

9:00 AM 88554 Pantomime Not So Fun Carnival

9:05 AM 88554 Pantomime Namaste

9:10 AM 88554 Pantomime Homicidal Homeroom

9:15 AM 88554 Pantomime Deadly Mistake

10:29 AM 88554 Small Group Musical What I Was Born to Do Bring It On

10:58 AM 88554 Improv Sarah Lewis

10:58 AM 88554 Improv Hadley Malbec

11:04 AM 88554 Improv Talia Cohen

11:04 AM 88554 Improv Diego Estrada

11:10 AM 88554 Improv Cassia Rizq

11:10 AM 88554 Improv Andrea Briseno

11:16 AM 88554 Improv Julia Fuentes

11:16 AM 88554 Improv Cristina Cimato

11:25 AM 88554 Monologue 1 Emma Armenteros Laughs Last

11:27 AM 88554 Ensemble Acting Last Day of Camp

11:30 AM 88554 Monologue 1 Claritza Sullivan Not So Perfect Child

11:35 AM 88554 Monologue 1 Joanne Dieudonne A.A.

11:40 AM 88554 Monologue 1 Emily Hatchwell The True Test

1:12 PM 88554 Solo Musical 2 Alexa Bieber Nothing A Chorus Line

1:19 PM 88554 Solo Musical 2 Delilah LaFountain Somewhere That's Green Little Shop of Horrors

1:26 PM 88554 Solo Musical 2 Vernie Ritkes I'll Be Here Ordinary Days

1:33 PM 88554 Solo Musical 2 Deanna Green I'm The Greatest Star Funny Girl

1:40 PM 88554 Solo Musical 2 Isly Mamri Don't Rain On My Parade Funny Girl

1:47 PM 88554 Solo Musical 2 Shelby Segarra Joey Is a Punk Rocker The Black Suits

1:54 PM 88554 Solo Musical 2 Hadley Malbec Times Like This Lucky Stiff

2:00 PM 88554 Scene Writing Delilah LaFountain
Crayola Love

2:12 PM 88554 Scene Writing Talia Cohen
Last Words

2:24 PM 88554 Scene Writing Clara de Paula
The Ouija Board

2:26 PM 88554 Large Group Musical Whipped Into Shape Legally Blonde

2:36 PM 88554 Scene Writing Alex Fuentes
The Beard

2:48 PM 88554 Scene Writing Alyssa Werra
The Boyfriend

3:27 PM 88554 Duet Musical Caitlin Turner If I Told You

3:27 PM 88554 Duet Musical Alejandro Rodriguez If I Told You

3:34 PM 88554 Duet Musical Sarah Gibson I Will Never Leave You

3:34 PM 88554 Duet Musical Silvia Zervos I Will Never Leave You

3:41 PM 88554 Duet Musical Vernie Ritkes Some Things Are Meant To Be

3:41 PM 88554 Duet Musical Lizzie Gluck Some Things Are Meant To Be

3:48 PM 88554 Duet Musical Shelby Segarra Freedom

3:48 PM 88554 Duet Musical Kyleigh Jehlicka Freedom

Rehearsals are every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday except holidays.
Rehearsals begin Wednesday September 17 and run from 4:05 to 6:00pm

Anyone not picked up by 6:10pm is subject to removal from the production.

Show Dates:  December 16 & 17, 2014, 7:00pm
Tickets $10 each, available at the Door,

We are proud to be the first school in Broward County
to be granted a license to perform this incredible show!

May 28 & 29, 2014 * 7:00pm
Tickets available at the door for $10

State Thespian Website:
District 3 Website
YOU must review the rules for your category before you start rehearsing and throughout the rehearsal process.
*If your name was on the first list but not the final, follow these steps:
2.  Email me a nice, kind reminder
When you're done, enjoy some badgers at:

Dear Parents, Students, and Friends,
It is my absolute pleasure to welcome you to the Drama Club website.
Falcon Cove Middle School has a long history of providing a superior performing arts curriculum.  Our students have been producing exceptional live musical theatre performances since 2001.  Having received critical acclaim at the Florida State Junior Thespian District & State Festivals, along with being featured in The Miami Herald and Sun Sentinel, our young actors have a reputation of far exceeding the expectations of the community, their own families, and yes, occasionally even their instructors!

Student leadership is a key ingredient to the success of our program.  Whether chosen by fellow performers or appointed by the faculty, our student leaders have demonstrated consummate professionalism in both their theatrical and academic activities.  Most continue to excel in their high school theatre programs with a select few continuing into some of America's finest performing arts programs at the college and professional levels.
Now in my 17th year teaching for Broward County Schools, it is always with great pride that I watch students continue into the professional ranks.  Many had their start in a "Slowik Production", others started in early child-hood.  Regardless, it is the individual's drive and dedication that creates their success.  Former students have been found at:
  • FOX Television's "So You Think You Can Dance"
  • Shakira's Mexico Tour
  • Walt Disney World (Equity Pricipal Performer)
  • Universal Studios
  • University of Central Florida - Department of Theatre
  • Florida State University - Department of Theatre
  • American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) - New York & Los Angeles
  • New World School of the Arts
  • Nickelodeon Studios (New York and Los Angeles)
  • NBC News (Today Show)
  • CBS News (Correspondent)

If you have a passion for the stage and know deep down that you need to be part of the storytelling process, whether it be through singing, dancing, acting, directing, or technical theatre, then we need you.

Please use this site to keep current with assignments, auditions, and general announcements.
And now, as they say in Annie Get Your Gun, "Let's go on with the show!"
Danny Slowik
Free Shakespeare Online

The "Sunshine State Standards" for Drama 1 & 2 are posted at the bottom of this page.
Since Dance is occasionally introduced to the theatrical experience,
those standards have also been posted.

Did you know?

The Broward County Library has FREE online tutoring!

Over 130 people auditioned for this show.  I cannot thank you enough for all the support and dedication you have shown throughout the process.  We have incredible talent at our school and I am confident that Beauty and the Beast will continue our reputation of high quality theatre!

The cast list has now been posted on the DRAMA CLUB link.

First rehearsal is Tuesday, 4 to 6pm.  See you there!

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