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Children work hard at school and it is good for them to know that parents are interested in their efforts.  We try to run an open school at Broughton and encourage honest dialogue about individual children and school life in general. We invite parents to help us fulfill the aims of the school by mutual exchange of ideas and information.  Parents are always welcome here.  Do not be puzzled by anything connected with the school.  Parents can view many of our policies and procedures online by following the links below. Parents may of course request a printed document, which will be provided free of charge.

 School Admissions Information

Follow the link above to the council's school admission website.
 Ofsted Reports

Use this link to view information from Ofsted about our school.
Exam and Assessment Results

Please follow this link to find details of our school's most recent KS2 results.

Follow the link above to view information held by the government to allow you to compare our school to others.

Use this link to view a range of information about the school's curriculum.
 Behaviour Policy

Find out how we spend the pupil premium money we receive and the effect this has had.
PE and Sport Premium

This page details how our school spends it's PE and sport premium funding and the impact this has has on pupils.

This area aims to provide information to enable parents and carers to make decisions about how to best support their child.
Charging and Remissions PoliciesSafeguarding - Keeping Your Child Safe and Secure

Follow this link to find out about safeguarding information.

Data Protection

Please follow this link to view how both our school and the local authority deals with information we hold.
Use this page to find our latest school lunch menu.


Data about how we spend our pupil premium allocation can be found following this link:

Data about how we spend our sports funding allocation can be found following this link:
Information about the following policies and our curriculum can be accessed through the links below:

Our Charging Policy

Our Behaviour Policy, which includes how we deal with bullying

Our British Values Statement

Our Special Needs Policy and SEND Information Report to support pupils who may require extra help



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