Brotherhood on Wheels is an informal group of riders, aiming to make a difference as motorcyclists by being a “big brother for others”. Though it is their great love for adventure and bikes that have brought them together, it is also their kind hearts and concern for the needy that bound them stronger.

    After achieving plenty of successes in life, founders of BoW has realized a certain hunger for fulfillment. An emptiness that can no longer be filled by material things, nor by the speed their bikes can bring to them. Exploring ways to fill that hunger, they have discovered that emptiness can only be satisfied by voluntarily helping others help themselves. Then they discovered Lucena’s Dalahican and Talao-Talao as a channel for their generosity and voluntarism.

    At present, in partnership with Payatas Orione Foundation Inc. (PAOFI) & The Sons of Divine Providence, the Brotherhood has already been able to carry out medical missions and scholarships in select communities, and still has plenty of plans to carry out in the coming years.

    Envisioning, creating, sharing and caring — one community at a time.

On Wheels.