Catch Leeman Parker in his magic show David & Leeman.

Hear Phil Ranta mispronounce words on the YouTube channel PronunciationManual.

See the Bros playing video games and making fun of it on the YouTube channel NoExtraLife.

See Scott Narver opening up boxes in ScottVsBox.

See Scott Narver as the co-host of the WWE's Main Event After Show on Afterbuzz TV.

Hear Phil Ranta as the 'sports outsider' on the Sports Sports Sports Podcast.

Hear Scott Narver on the comedy wrestling podcast Curtain Jerks.

See Steve Sears in the movie The Human Centipede 3.

Bro Squad 5 is a Los Angeles-based comedy group who perform sketch and improv across America, known for their high-energy, irreverent style where every inch of space in the theater, every tangible object, and even every audience member is fair game!

"They made me laugh so hard I nearly aspirated vomit. Which, believe it or not, that is a positive." - Stephen C. James

"Trust me. I saw them last night...and it is worth the three dollars." - Matthew Russell

"Talented, funny and very original, Bro Squad 5 was a delightful show! If you want to watch creativity unfold right before your eyes in the funniest of permutations, don't miss this show!" - SacramentoComedy.Com

Bro Squad 5 is:
Phil Ranta (PronunciationManual, Second City Boat Co., Sports Sports Sports Podcast)
Leeman Parker (America's Got Talent, The Magic Castle, Knight Rider)
Scott Narver (AfterBuzz TV, Curtain Jerks Podcast, Second City Boat Co.)
Steve Sears (Dave Made A Maze, L.A. Noire, Curtain Jerks Podcast)