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What sports are included?

BSS include rifle (air), archery, and the shotgun disciplines of skeet, trap and sporting clays

Is experience required to be on the team?

BSS is a “no cut” team sport. Shooting experience is not needed to be on the team.

How much does it cost to be on the team?

BSS Club fees for this year will be $350 for club level shotgun athletes, which covers the national association membership plus the cost of gun rental, ammunition and targets for approximately two practices per month during the season.   The competitive teams, JV and Varsity, will be practicing more frequently.  Thus, the cost increases for those athletes invited to those teams- $450 for JV and $650 for Varsity.
Archery dues will also be $350 for Club Level archers and covers all equipment and facility rental fees, as well as the national association membership.  Again for the JV and Varsity, the additional practice schedule requires an increase in fees to $450.
Small Bore Rifle will follow approximately the same fee schedule.
For those wishing to take their shooting to even higher levels, we will again be offering a series of coaching clinics with national and internationally renowned coaches such as: Gebben Miles- 2012 World Champion in FITASC Sporting Clays.  We are also crafting similar programs for this year with former Olympians and other nationally ranked experts in archery and rifle.  These clinics are carefully designed to maximize training effectiveness for each athlete at a very attractive cost. 
Can I practice on my own?


Once you are comfortable with the basics of the sport, you can practice on your own at ranges. You will be responsible for equipment, target and ammunition costs.


Can I participate in other sports, too?


BSS practices are typically held on Sunday afternoons so as to not interfere with other sports or activities.


What equipment should I buy?


For our practices, requirements are hat, eye protection, ear protection, BCP shirt and closed toe shoes. We recommend waiting at least 4 months before purchasing a shotgun or other shooting equipment. Please talk with our Brophy Coaching Staff prior to making this kind of an investment. QUOTE for New Athletes:  "It is not as much about Equipment, as it is the skill level of the Athlete."