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Math WebsitesReading/Language Arts WebsitesSocial Studies WebsitesScience Websites
Math WebsitesReading/Language Arts WebsitesSocial Studies WebsitesScience Websites
   Science Projects Web site 
 Storyline Online   
 Reading comprehension skills practice   
 Story: Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch   
 Interactive Reading comprehension Resources   
 Find Books Using Lexile Scores   
 Sonoran Desert Movie   
 Sonoran Desert Plants   
 Sonoran Desert Information   
 Desert animals   
 Sonoran Desert   
   Printing Press 
   Kid Storm 
   Tornadoes for Kids 
   Fun Fcts about Tornadoes 
 Fact and Opinion Game   
 google safe search   
  Time for Kid Black History  
 AOL Kids Fairy Tale Stories   
 Read Write Think Fractured Fairy Tales   
 Bridge to Terabithia chapters 1-4 test   
   Animal Research sites 
   Rainforest Glossopedia 
   Rainforest Information 
  Chicago Historical Society  
  Chicago 's History by Kids  
  Great Chicago Stories  
  Tour of Chicago for Kids  
  Explore Chicago  
   Deserts Research 
 Interactive reading games   
  Famous Black Americans Biography  
  Famous Hispanic Americans Biography  
  Famous Hispanic American Firsts  
 Research paper resource   
 Kids click search engine   
/ Stuart Little Online test / / 
/ / Teach the children Social Studies / 
 Make believe comic maker   
 Education City   
4th Grade Place Value    
6th Grade Place Value    
 Glogster poster maker   
 Kids Dictionary   
 Encyclopedia Britannica   
 google search site   
 Shiloh Activities   
 Another ISAT Practice reading test   
   Practice ISAT Science test 
 Sequencing Read Write Think   
 Skills Rocket compare and contrast   
 compare and contrast activity   
  75 Top Black Athletes  
   Animal Research 
  Class Brain State Reports  
  State Report Website  
  Kids.Gov on states  
  Information on States  
Billy Bug 2    
Billy Bug 1    
   Animal Project Organizer 
   Discovery Animal Website 
   Sea and Sky  
 Professor Garfield   
   National Geographic Kids 
 Amelia and Eleanor Activities   
Making Change    
Math Practice Site    
   Tropical rainforests 
 Make a Flip book   
  Illinois Information  
primary games    
  Illinois resources  
 Story Maker    
 Kids Know It   
   Weather Games 
  Movie on Illinois  
  All about Illinois  
 Phonics games   
 CVC words   
 Letters S blending   
 Letter sound blending   
 Blending bowl   
   Weather for kids 
PBS Kids    
   Desert Information 
   FBI Kids 
 What do you know about the Venus Fly Trap?   
 Game Goo   
 Spelling City   
 Ask Kids   
Math mayhem    
 Into the Book   
Think Math    
 Free Rice   
  Black History Biography  
 Read Write Think Comic Book Maker   
Math Playground     
 jj  Boomer Wolves 
   National Geographic Filmmaker    
Cool Math    
  Bens Guide   
   Science News for Kids 
   Simple Machines 
Study Island Studyisland   
   NASA For Kids Club 
 Interactive Literacy   
 PBS Kid Between the Lions   
  National Geographic for Kids  
A Plus Math    
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