What can I do when I finish early?

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Website Description
Website Description
Free rice Help end hunger: solve problems where every correct answer donates 10 grains of rice to the UN Food Bank 
Newseum View the front pages of newspapers from around the world. 
Edheads Virtual knee or hip surgery and much more! 
Trivia Games Trivia games from Time for kids magazine! 
Nutrition Trivia Test your knowledge on nutrition. 
Do I have the right? Do you like to argue? Then maybe you want to be a lawyer. Play these games. 
Math Apprentice Learn about careers that deal with math through this fun website! 
Games for change Real world issues, real world games, real world impact! 
Crayola Digi-Color Do you like to draw? Then you will love this site! 
Feed hungry cats Help feed hungry cats. Answer a daily trivia question to help the cause! 
Feed hungry dogs Help feed hungry dogs. Answer a daily trivia question to help the cause. 
Picnik Fun with photos. 
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream games Join ice cream makers Ben & Jerry for fun online games. 
Chess games Learn how to play chess. 
Crayola games Play these fun games on crayola's website. 
Teen Ink Online magazine just for teens. 
Incredibox Fun place to create beats. 
Turntables Cool site where you use turntables to mix music. 
Jigsaw Puzzle Planet Online jigsaw puzzles. 
Multiplayer games You can race each other by answering questions. 
Ujam Create your own music. 
Zooburst Create your own digital 3-D popup book. 
Youngzine News and More for the Young. Articles to read and games to play. 
Tween Tribune Online tween newspaper 
Showing 24 items