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Kids Breakfast & Supper Club

Brookmead Kids Breakfast & Supper Club provides a professional breakfast and after school club with planned activities led by friendly, qualified staff and is run from the old school hall every day during school term time.  

Breakfast Club runs 7.35am until 8.45am every day during term time; Supper Club runs from 3:20pm until 6pm with flexible booking options to meet parents' needs.

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To find our more about our club, take a look at our blog posts below:

New Blog for our second week and written by the Children!

posted 23 Sep 2018, 08:06 by Natalie Mitchell   [ updated 23 Sep 2018, 08:06 by Katherine Douglas ]

This week our blog has been written by Demi who was helped by our very own Playleader Hayley! :)

On Monday we made use of the dry weather and went outside. The upper school children were using the skateboard on the playground. We also use them to bdy board safely with our helmets on. The lower school were scooting and building their confidence with the roller skates.

To celebrate "Pirate Day" we made pirate hats and ships made form the tables and blankets. We also did colouring and masks.

Wednesday we had some calm fun and did the Wizard of Oz Yoga class! 

Thursday we split in half and half of us went outside for skateboarding and gymnastics on the grass and half were inside on the Chromebook's.

Friday we celebrated with ice pops and Ice Age 4 film. Year 3 are learning about the stone age so were able to name lots of animals!

Thanks for reading from Demi and Hayley :)

New Blog - Written by the Children!

posted 23 Sep 2018, 07:52 by Natalie Mitchell   [ updated 23 Sep 2018, 07:52 by Katherine Douglas ]

Welcome Back!
It is so nice to see the children returning from a fun summer and all our new starters!

The staff at the breakfast and supper club have decided that it would be a really nice idea for the children to wrote the blog each week!

This way to get to hear all about what we have been doing straight form the children themselves!

This week our blog has been brilliantly written by Jaiden R and Alice P. Over to them.....

New to the club are the amazing Hex Bugs have proved to be extremely popular. The set contains many fun and exciting parts with plenty of Hex Bugs to go around us all.

As it was Roald Dahl week we celebrated this by watching the famous Charlie and the Chocolate factory starring Johnny Depp.
Also to celebrate this legendary writer, we have been completing Roald Dahl themed crosswords and word searches and some of the children were racing against each other to finish them.

We have a shiny new shed which has been very successful to store our scooters, roller-skates and other outdoor equipment.

It is good to be back at club.

Jaiden and Alice :)

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

posted 5 Mar 2018, 11:19 by Natalie Mitchell   [ updated 5 Mar 2018, 11:19 by Katherine Douglas ]

The week started with severe weather warnings, so the topic of snow wasn’t far from any conversation the children were having. With the -5 temperatures we were experiencing we spent a lot of time talking about keeping warm (and drinking hot chocolates!). Outdoor play was very limited, so the children enjoyed some indoor sports this week to make sure we still remained active.


This week also saw the start of Emma’s cookery club. For the first session the children decided they would like to make cupcakes for the group. They did so well making the cakes from scratch and weighing out all the ingredients. The resulting cakes looked amazing! Well done to this week’s bakers.

Rule of the week.
This week’s rule of the week was selected by one of our year 6 children and they chose “Listen to the staff and each other.” The rule was great in encouraging everyone to communicate and listen to each other which helped when we were inside for a lot of the time in groups.

Due to the severe snow fall it was a short week with the school closure but we hope to be back to normal next week. Thank you all for your co-operation and understanding with the challenging circumstances.

Bye for now…

Welcome Back!

posted 23 Feb 2018, 09:05 by Natalie Mitchell   [ updated 23 Feb 2018, 09:05 by Katherine Douglas ]

Well half term flew past and we are now back in to our spring term.


With children missing out on pancake day we thought it was only right that we bring pancake day to them a little late. The children enjoyed decorating pancakes with different fruits and toppings to make them fun and delicious. We have been discussing why pancake day is Shrove Tuesday and how it leads to lent. We have also been talking about what we could give up for Lent and guess what…. No one thought they could give up chocolate!!! (Who knew?! 😊)


This week we have started our “question of the week” (An idea from one of our year six students) and this has been fantastic. This week’s question was “Why do we have a solar system” and the children have been writing their answers on a white board. Have a look when your next in, their ideas were fantastic. We decided to finish the week with “Joke of the week” and we thought we would share the winner with you… as voted for by the children…

“Why are babies good at basketball – because they’re always dribbling!” 


Hayley has started planting with the children in some little indoor planters whilst we wait for the weather to warm and get back outside. The children have planted cucumbers, strawberries, peppers and cress – we can’t wait to see them grow!

Rule of the week.
This week’s rule of the week was selected by one of our reception children and they chose “Help the younger children” The rule was great, it has been lovely seeing our older children take time to help the little ones in everything from building straw houses to buttering their toast.

Look out for our Spring newsletter coming out early next week!

Bye for now…

Giant Straws and Charles Dickens!

posted 9 Feb 2018, 06:45 by Natalie Mitchell   [ updated 9 Feb 2018, 06:45 by Katherine Douglas ]

This week we have celebrated Charles Dickens and the children have made some great pictures and talked about their favourite stories and books.


As you know we always ask the children their feedback and ideas and this week a child mentioned they had seen a house built from straws on YouTube. This got us thinking and on Wednesday giant construction straws arrived! Hopefully you will have seen what the children have been building at drop off or pick up but we have had everything from churches and houses to unicorns and hats. They are a fabulous addition to the club, so much so that we have just had another new box delivered this morning, so their creativity can grow even further!


Giant bowling is here! It came yesterday, and we haven’t been able to get the children off it since. They are big pins and bowling balls (all plastic!) but very realistic and life size.

A huge hit in the club with both children and staff and the competition for strikes has begun. The score board is up and the children love honing their bowling skills with this new arrival. It’s a great sport for indoors whilst the rain has been coming down.


With children missing out on Valentine’s day we thought it was only right that we bring valentines cards and colouring to them a little early. If your lucky, you may receive a card!

Rule of the week.
As you know the children wrote the rules for the club and each week the children pick a rule that we are going to try and focus on and remember. This week was “
Remembering to wash our hands before snack and tea and after the toilet” The children understand why we do this and are very good at doing so but with all the bugs going around we thought we would focus on this for this week.

We can’t believe this term has finished already – we feel like we have flown in to February!
Have a fab half term filled with lots of fun and see you soon.

Bye for now…

Toys, Toys, Toys

posted 2 Feb 2018, 04:49 by Natalie Mitchell   [ updated 2 Feb 2018, 04:49 by Katherine Douglas ]

This week has been week of the toy!

On Monday we decided to get every toy out of the cupboard and have a huge sort out with the children to see what they liked, what we may need to renew and what they would like to see us add. It was great, and the children loved sorting through all the boxes to see just how much stuff we have… and it’s a lot!


The weather has been freezing so this week we have been playing sporty games in the new hall. They say the old ones are the best and “stuck in the mud” was one of them along with chicken hero (don’t ask!) and throwing games. We are very lucky that even on dark evenings we are still able to play indoors.


A huge hit in the club with both children and staff (and Serena remains unbeaten!) is Dobble! Dobble is a card game in which you race to find the matching images between one card and another. Dobble tests your speed, observation skills and reflexes and had proved so popular the children have requested different versions, so we have brought a number and animal version.

Rule of the week.
As you know the children wrote the rules for the club and each week the children pick a rule that we are going to try and focus on and remember. This week was “
No breaking equipment or people’s models” Our children are very creative with the resources and what they build so this week we have been focusing on being respectful with our resources and each other’s games.

This term we have run a safeguarding audit looking at our processes and you will be receiving an e-mail with our positive changes next week!

Bye for now…

Sport crazy

posted 26 Jan 2018, 04:55 by Natalie Mitchell   [ updated 26 Jan 2018, 04:55 by Katherine Douglas ]

We have had a busy week with lots of activities and the love of sport is still very much with the children even though getting outside has been limited due to the horrible weather we are having.

This week we have seen indoor football, dancing, gymnastics and running races. The children love sport games and with the space we are lucky to have, this has not stopped us running about! We are very impressed with the team work the children demonstrate in running races!


One of the children’s suggestions this week was “gloop” – this is an amazing putty that the children all made. When in a bowl it has a liquid appearance, but hold it in your hand and you can mould it in to putty – the children were amazed by this and had hours of fun playing with it, making shapes and letters and trying not to get it everywhere 😊.


The school had new equipment delivered this week which meant we had three huge empty boxes arrive. The team gave them to the children and said, “You can do whatever you want” and with the addition of requested pens, materials, blankets and their amazing imaginations they created a spaceship, classroom and drawing box. No matter how old you are, you are never too old for a big box and lots of fun.

This week we have also celebrated Australia Day and the children have created some brilliant pictures and coloured flags as well as talking about all the interesting things we know about Australia!

Bye for now…

Busy week!

posted 18 Jan 2018, 23:39 by Natalie Mitchell   [ updated 18 Jan 2018, 23:39 by Katherine Douglas ]

We have had a busy week with lots of activities and the arrival of “new toys” from the children’s survey! They had lots of fantastic ideas about new provisions for the club and this week saw their arrival.

The upper school children had requested some art supplies which included water colours, pastels, artist shading pencil’s and giant paper. They were delighted with the new things that we have brought and have made some beautiful pictures this week. Their drawing skills really are commendable!


Our lower school children requested new bandages for our “first aid kit” – we ordered loads and they have loved them. Don’t be scared if you see a “mummy” on pick up or a “clinic” of broken arms – its just for fun! It has been great to see the children’s role play skills with these new provisions.


Origami has been huge hit and we must say much more difficult than it looks! Hayley successfully helped the children create a turtle but I have to admit my monkey needed a lot of imagination! The children on the other hand are superb at this already and we look forward to seeing how advanced this gets in the coming weeks.


Finally, our bird feeders! The children love the wildlife and often see many birds when we’re outside and they have been making “fat ball bird feeders” to take home and feed the birds. They are currently in the freezer ready to go home for the weekend. The children did a brilliant job with these selecting different seeds to go in them – we hope the birds like them!


Bye for now…

Welcome back!

posted 18 Jan 2018, 02:06 by Natalie Mitchell   [ updated 18 Jan 2018, 02:06 by Katherine Douglas ]

It has been fantastic to see you all back after Christmas and hear all about the fun the children had at Christmas and New Year.

It has been a fun packed start to the new term with lots of activities and games to play!


The first week back we completed our termly survey with the children to talk about the provision and see what great ideas for improvements, games and activities the children had.

This term they had lots of suggestions from artist water colours to bandages and in the next few weeks you will start to see the arrival of new toys and games.


We started the year with some new year bookmarks and calendars. The children made some interesting creations that you should have seen when they bought them home to you.

We also have a new selection of word searches for the children to complete with a new year theme and we have been really impressed with how advanced the children are!


The cold weather has not stopped us getting outside as we have the light for some outdoor fun. As the evenings have drawn in you will see that we now have foam balls so the children can continue ball games inside safely.


We’re looking forward to next week and the arrival of the new toys and the children making bird feeders.


Bye for now…

We made £122 for Children in Need – well done and thank you x

posted 4 Dec 2017, 06:32 by Natalie Mitchell   [ updated 4 Dec 2017, 06:32 by Katherine Douglas ]

The last few weeks have been all about Children In Need.

We have spent time making and creating all different craft and baking activities and also taking time to talk to the children about Children In Need and how the charity help’s children less fortunate.


The children created brilliant posters that we displayed on the wall. They also created some brilliant Pudsey cakes which looked fantastic (and tasted even better!).

The children did word searches and cross words all linked to Children In Need and we loved that they picked the harder ones because “they love the challenge!”


We also opened our little merchandise stall which allowed generous parents to buy anything from pin badges to t-shirts for the children to wear on the Friday night.


The “guess the sweets in the jar” was back! Children had their pennies ready for Pudsey’s Paws and one child was very happy to almost correctly guess that we had 132 sweets in the jar this year and take home the big jar!


After a busy two weeks of making, baking and fundraising we are delighted to announce we made £122 for Children In Need. A big thank you to all our generous parents for giving.


Now we are all about Christmas!

I’m sure you have arrived and heard the Christmas songs already playing and the tree has just gone up and the festive season is well and truly underway. Next week it is all about Christmas cards and crafts….


Bye for now…

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