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Welcome to our FREE All Access After-School Program!


GREAT NEWS! It is NOT too late to sign up for After School! The Winter Remote After-school Schedule, shown below, runs through March 12th. You can enroll your child/ren by digitally completing an enrollment form or by registering online using the instructions outlined HERE and emailing your club selections. We encourage all families who have already enrolled to remind students to log onto Zoom and engage in our virtual clubs.

HYBRID PLANS: Return to After-school Surveys went out to gather our current families' input and preferences to either (a) begin hybrid in-person schooling when possible or (b) continue with a remote-only program. Spring Hybrid After-school is expected to begin on Monday, March 15th. Please continue to look out for updates regarding our plans, a timeline, for offering hybrid After-school.

To stay updated, check your emails each week for announcements, reminders, enrollment information, and more. See below for our FAQ Sheet.

Thank you to all of those who have been actively participating. We look forward to seeing our CHMS students each day!

Our Remote Winter Session runs from Monday, November 30, 2020 through Friday March 12, 2021. Remote After-school operates each weekday, Monday through Friday, from 2-5pm. It is important to follow your child’s schedule to ensure they are participating during the correct days and/or times, so that after-school does not overlap with your child’s day school classes. Zoom links are sent out via email!

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Happy Black History Month!

All-Access After-School is excited to be back with another year of extra curricular Academics, Sports, Arts and Enrichment activities. All Middle school Students are invited and encouraged to participate in the After-School Program. Our Program is FREE to all BPCS students and will operate every day after school for the duration of the School Year.


Middle School Office

After-School Office Hours: Monday - Friday 11AM-7PM

Office #: (718) 783-1570 ext. 3064


After-School Program Manager: Tracey Graham

After-School Program Coordinator: Amanda Byam

After-School Program (ASP) Resources for Families:

Clinton Hill Middle offers 3 sessions of after-school- fall, winter and spring. The timeline to sign-up for Winter programming is as follows:

  • November 9th: Winter after-school schedule & enrollment forms released.

  • November 16th: Deadline to complete the online enrollment form. Only paper enrollment forms will be accepted after the deadline, as well as digital copies via email.

To view the Winter 2020 after-school paper enrollment form, click HERE.

  • To view descriptions of all ASP activity offerings, click HERE.

ASP Sessions SY2020-21:

Fall Session 9/10/20 - 11/20/20 (Remote-only)

Winter Session 11/30/20 - 3/12/21 (Remote-only)

Spring Session 3/15/21 - 6/18/21 (Hybrid/Remote)

Additional links:

ASP Parent Handbook

ASP Student Contract

School Closure Updates:

Our BPCS All Access After-school Programs are now offering Remote Enrichment Learning to all our campuses!

We hope that you and your children are well and adjusting to the world of remote learning. We know that this is a challenging time for everyone. Even though we aren’t together physically, our after-school program is continuously curating some of our favorite digital tools to offer online enrichment, developing new forms of interactive and challenging activities. Enjoy a diverse set of content videos readily available for our K-12 community!

ASP Remote Enrichment Content- Parkour Challenge - Gecko Spin

All-Access After-School FAQs:

For Hybrid FAQs, please refer to Clinton Hill's Reopening Plan.

For Remote Enrichment FAQ, please click here.

Does the after-school program cost anything?

No. All programming is free of charge.

How do I enroll my student into All Access After- School?

If you did not fill out the After-School enrollment form during your advisory meeting you can enroll your student using our preferred online method or by picking up a form from the main office, room 201. Students should bring back the completed enrollment form to room 201 or 210. Once the form has been submitted, your student is enrolled.

How often do after-school clubs meet and at what times?

Clubs meet after Academic Advisory from 3:36 pm-6 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays and 2:50 pm-6 pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Will there be more clubs added to the schedule?

Absolutely! Based on student enrollment and parent feedback we will be adding new clubs regularly.

What if the activity is new to my student?

Your student may join any club regardless of prior experience or skill level. Clubs are designed to include all Middle School students.

What if my student has to leave early from a club?

Early dismissal can be arranged by phone, hand-written note, email or in person.

What if my student doesn’t like the program that (s)he has chosen?

Your student may sign-up for as many clubs as (s)he desires. If (s)he chooses to change clubs you can contact us via phone, hand-written note, email, in person, or by completing the first page of the enrollment form within the first two weeks of programming per trimester.

Is my student required to attend every session?

No. Your student can participate for as many or as few days as (s)he would like. Note: Some clubs will be preparing for final projects and culminating events so if a student does not attend consistently (s)he may not be up-to-date on the activity and may not be included in the project or event.

How can I stay up-to-date?

We will include schedules and all program related information in the Brooklyn Prospect Charter School Parent Update. We will also be sending updates home with your student.

Spring Showcase:

Trampoline Park Trip:

Brooklyn Museum Trip:

Winter Dance:

All-Access Art Expo:

Spring Break Camp Live Enrichment:

Cheer Mania
Snake GIF Made in Digital Art
Digital Art

What is BPCS All-Access Summer Camp?

Imagine a summer full of fun activities and educational enrichment. Campers get to be active, think creatively and discover new friendships that will last a lifetime. All-Access Summer Camp will serve our current 6th, 7th & 8th grade students in addition to our incoming 6th grade class. Activities are centered on Creative & Performing Arts, Athletics, Team-building and School readiness.

All-Access Summer Camp is Available to all youth from ages 10-14.

For any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at

For any sports related questions, please email