Beyond Books - Online Magazines & News Articles

DogoNews - Fun news stories just for kids. They have a summer reading club

Newsela Summer Reading Clubs - - join a reading club with topics that interest you, like sports or animals

Popular Magazines for Middle Schoolers from State of CT Library (You need to be in CT to access this, or enter your library card) Click on the link above, then you can click on individual magazines

Science News for Students - ~Science~ all kinds!

Smithsonian Tween Tribune - The nation's museums have a terrific site with great articles for tweens & teens. (For example, The Legend of the Loch Ness Monster tested with DNA Samples!)

Teen Kid News - this is an Emmy award winning half hour TV news broadcast. It's a combination of videos and text on all different topics from business to cooking to entertainment news.

Time for Kids - Grade 5&6 - current events and stories of interest to middle schoolers