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Art courses are designed to give students the opportunity to explore and develop their

interests in the visual arts. All art courses include reading and writing in the content

area, aesthetics, art history, analysis, assessment and project work. Students will be

assessed on their ability to produce and critique artwork as well as their overall effort.

We suggest that any student who plans a career in art take as many art courses in art as

possible. Some courses do require prerequisites. Any student intending to prepare a

college art portfolio should contact an instructor in September.

#6540 Art I (9-12) One Semester .5 Credit

Students will explore the Principles and Elements of Art as well as learning basic

drawing skills and art vocabulary. The focus of this class is on working from direct

observation using a variety of black/white and color media. As a result of taking this

class, students will have learned the basic skills and appropriate language to produce

and critique works of art.

#6542 Art II (10-12) One Semester .5 Credit

This is an intermediate/advanced level course open to students who have successfully

completed Art I. As a result of taking this class students will hone their observational

and technical skills and develop the skills necessary to explore new media.

Prerequisite: Art I.

#6544 Art III (10-12) One Semester .5 Credit
This is an advanced class open to students who have successfully completed Art I & Art

II. Students will create work on an independent, self-directed basis, develop their

creativity, develop their observational and technical skills, and further enhance their

artistic voice. As an advanced course, there are weekly sketchbook homework

assignments necessary for successful completion of the course. Students interested in

creating a portfolio for college admissions may do so in this class. Students may enroll

in this class multiple times during their high school careers.
Prerequisite: Art II or departmental approval.
#6544 AP Studio Art (10-12) Full Year 1.0 Credit
Studio Art is a year long, portfolio-based class which is designed for highly

motivated students seriously interested in the practical experience of creating art.

Students submit an extensive portfolio with a focus on quality, concentration and

breadth, directly to the College Board at the end of the school year. Students may

choose to concentrate in one of the following areas: 2-D Design, 3-D Design or Drawing.

The goals of the course are: encourage creative and systematic investigation of formal

concepts, emphasize art making and critical decision making, hone technical skills and

encourage independent thinkers.

Prerequisite: Art II& III or departmental approval.

#6505 Design (9-12) One Semester .5 Credit

This course is an excellent choice for students interested in pursuing a career in design,

including such fields as interior design, graphic design, publication design, industrial

design, fashion design, and/or entertainment design. It is based on the principles and

elements of art as applied to both two and three-dimensional projects. There is a strong

emphasis on computer graphics as well. AS a result of taking this course students will

have a working knowledge of both Photoshop CS2 and IN-Design CS2 software.

Additionally, the basic language of design, which can be applied in a variety of fields,

will be taught throughout the course.

#6525 Ceramics I (9-12) One Semester .5 Credit

As a result of taking this class, students will leave with a working knowledge of both

hand built (slab, coil, pinch and others) and wheel-thrown pottery. Students will learn

the fundamentals of refining, glazing, and other ceramic finishes. It is taught through

lectures, demonstrations, and individualized instruction.

#6526 Ceramics II (9-12) One Semester .5 Credit

As a result of taking this class students will leave with advanced skills and techniques in

ceramics. Students will create both hand-built and wheel-thrown pieces. Students will be

encouraged to explore the media to a great depth and to pursue their personal interests.

Prerequisite: Ceramics I or departmental approval.

#6523 Digital Photography (10-12) One Semester .5 Credit

This is an introductory level course. Students will learn the basic concepts in

photographic composition and technique. They will work with digital cameras and

digital editing software in order to manipulate and enhance images. Students will gain

skills useful for their personal image editing as well as the ability to create

contemporary works of art. Photographic homework is required for successful

completion of this course. Cameras are available on loan through the library media


#6532 Advanced Placement Art History (9-12) –. Full Year 1.0 Credit

Advanced Placement Art History is the equivalent of an introductory college course for

highly motivated students who possess a high level of reading, writing, and verbal

skills. This course covers both European and non-European art and architecture and

emphasizes understanding art in its historic context. Issues such as politics, religion,

patronage, gender, function and ethnicity as well as formal stylistic observations

contribute to the course content.

All students are expected to take the AP Art History Exam in early May, which contains

both multiple choice and essays that reflect the above mentioned topics. After the

exam, students will create an independent art project. Class work will include quizzes,

tests, discussions, lectures, critiques, and short research papers and oral presentation.

NOTE: Course also offered for 1.0 Social Studies elective credit.

#6534 Advanced Techniques/Portfolio (11-12) One Semester .5 Credit


This class is offered to students who wish to advance their artistic skills or who are

considering advancing their education or a career in art. Students will continue to

develop their creativity, artistic voice, observational and technical skills and explore

various media.

Portfolio students will create a body of work to be submitted for college/career review

Prerequisite: Art III or departmental approval

#3215 Yearbook (11-12) Full Year 1.0 Credit

Yearbook students participate in all phases of yearbook production: planning, business,

photography, artwork, layout, writing, editing and proofreading. The major project is

the completed high school yearbook. Yearbook students are expected to spend time

after school working on layout and ad sales.

Although Yearbook is a one-semester course for most students, the major editors are

encouraged to sign up for the second semester to complete the project. Major editors

may earn up to one credit.

Prerequisite: Faculty Recommendation

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