Capstone Project

Timeline to be shared with Capstone Students for work from May 1-June 10
Friday, May 1Design Team meets with the students that they will be monitoring and explains what is expected from today until June 10Meeting with Capstone students whose applications were accepted. Presentation is given by about what is expected between now and June 10.
Friday, May 1-14Mrs. Renna in consultation with Mr. Jewett and Mrs. TroupeBegin to gather the grades of seniors who are doing Capstone Projects
Friday, May 15Mrs. Renna in consultation with Mr. Jewett and Mrs. TroupeGrades are pulled one more time. Those who have F’s cannot participate in the program
Monday, May 18Capstone StudentsStudents begin their Capstone Project
May 18- June 9Student Committee MembersMeet with the individual students and groups 3 times--set up schedule with the students that they are monitoring. Weekly progress reports are shared with Mr. Jewett and Ms. Troupe
May 18-June 1Students doing Capstone will be assigned or choose June 8 or 9 to be interviewed and video taped about their presentation. They will communicate their choice to the student monitor.
May 18-June 1Each student/group should develop a script- to answer the following questions to create a 2-3 minute video: What legacy are you leaving behind for Brookfield HS, District and/or the community? Briefly describe your project and what you learned.
June 8 & 9Capstone students will be presenting their presentation in front of a small audience made up of Mr. Jewett, Mrs. Troupe and some of the Capstone Design Students while being filmed
Wed., June 10--6-8 pm Each Capstone Student will set up their materials to make their presentationSet up for Presentation of Capstone with Public
Wed., June 10--6-8 pm Capstone StudentsPresent their Capstone Project with Public
Note: in the event that something prevents the Capstone Celebration Event from happening on Wed., June 10 the alternate date is Monday, June 15 at the same times.