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We believe that physical education is necessary for our students to establish, maintain, and enhance a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Physical education promotes positive behaviors, and healthy decision making that will affect their physical, intellectual and social/emotional well-being throughout their lives.

Learning to make decisions to establish and maintain an active lifestyle requires planned instruction through a coordinated curriculum, a committed staff that models the concepts of physical education, and the support of the entire community.

The physical education program recognizes that each individual is unique and responds to those differences. Students will develop to their fullest potential if they have a variety of physical education experiences, have opportunities to choose activities that suit their needs and interests, and are provided with appropriate adaptive and corrective intervention programs.

Physical education inspires students to assume leadership roles in school and function as adult leaders. Physical education plays a critical role in the development of positive interpersonal skills such as cooperation, collaboration, respect for and acceptance of others, observance of rules, and sportsmanship.


Physical Education Department Goals

Physical Education is a requirement for graduation. 9th, 10th, and 11th grade, students must participate and earn credit in physical education unless excused for approved medical reasons.

The goals of the Physical Education Department are:

1. Develop an awareness of the importance of physical activity, lifelong fitness and wellness.

2. Develop qualities that are necessary to work with other people.

3. Develop qualities that allow us to recognize and deal with individual strengths and limitations.

4. Develop fundamental carry-over skills for lifelong participation in team, dual, and individual activities.

5. Gain knowledge and appreciation of sports activities by learning rules, regulations, and strategies.

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