Reading Tips

Help your child find a special place where he/she can read comfortably with little distraction.  Keep a basket of books nearby.
Read aloud daily to your child.
Leave notes for your child in his/her lunchbox and around the house.  Ask your child to leave notes for you, help with the shopping list, or write reminders.
Give and encourage others to give books as gifts.
Subscribe to a children’s magazine.
Play word games (Scrabble, Boggle, Word concentration, etc.)
Encourage your child to read aloud to younger siblings, neighbors, stuffed animals, etc.
Share your own favorite children’s books and authors, and your own struggles with reading.
Encourage your child to tell stories from magazine pictures, family photos, etc.
Listen to your child’s retellings, helping him/her to add details.
Ask questions.  Get your child in the habit of telling understandable and detailed stories and anecdotes.