Reading Tips

Reading is BIG in Room 104!  We love to read!  My goal is to help students find books/series they love and to instill a love of reading to last a lifetime. 
Here are some things you can do at home to help your child enjoy and appreciate all kinds of reading.

* Help your child find a special place where he/she can read comfortably with little distraction.  Keep a basket of books nearby.
* Read aloud daily to your child.
* Leave notes for your child in his/her lunchbox and around the house.  Ask your child to leave notes for you, Help with the shopping list, or write reminders.
* Give and encourage others to give books as gifts.
* Subscribe to a children’s magazine.
* Play word games (Scrabble, Boggle, Word concentration, etc.)
* Encourage your child to read aloud to younger siblings, neighbors, pets, and stuffed animals (this is great fluency practice).
* Share your own favorite children’s books and authors, and your own struggles/joys with reading.
* Encourage your child to tell stories from magazine pictures, family photos, etc.
* Listen to your child’s retellings, helping him/her to add details.
* Ask questions.  Get your child in the habit of telling understandable and detailed stories and anecdotes.