Desmos Projects

Transformations of Functions
Examining how graphical transformations of parent functions are determined by changes to the function rule.

Ellipses and Hyperbolas as Conic Sections
Examining how the foci coordinates and the distance sum/difference create ellipses and hyperbolas.

Unit Circle and Its Graphs
Examining how the geometric definitions of the trigonometric functions on the unit circle relate to each other and their graphs.

Exploring Polar Graphs
Examining how graphs of r versus theta are constructed.

Exploring Complex Roots
Examining the how complex numbers generate the geometry of their roots.

Derivatives of Inverses
Examining how derivatives of points of inverse functions symmetric across y = x are reciprocals of each other.

Tangent Line Approximation
A project that examines how tangent lines can approximate function values and what parameters affect the accuracy of the approximation.

Newton's Method
Examining the process through which Newton's method finds zeros of functions and how the initial guess determines accuracy and convergence.

Slope Fields
Examining how slope fields provide a visualization of the behavior of the solution to a differential equation.

Euler's Method
Examining how Euler's method produces approximate solutions to an initial value problem.

Right Riemann Sums
A project that examines how right Riemann sums approximate the area under a curve within a finite interval.

Investigating Series
Examining how terms, partial sums, and remainder all tie in to the concepts of convergence and divergence.

Investigating Taylor Polynomials
Examining how various Taylor polynomials converge to their respective functions, including looking at finite intervals of convergence.

Derivatives of Parametric Curves
Examining how derivatives and tangent lines to parametric curves work.

Polar Derivatives
Exploring the meaning of the various derivatives of polar functions with respects to theta, x, and y.

Polar Area
Investigating how a series of circular sectors limits to the area enclosed by a polar curve.

3D Graphing
A modification of a user's 3D Graphing interface.