Welcome to Mr. Huber's classroom.

Dear Families,

I have been having so much fun with this class. We are finishing up our first reading and writing unit called "Tales from the Heart" and will soon be starting new units on biographies and non fiction writing.

This week we begin the new multiplication and division unit. We have been practicing multiplication facts during at the beginning of each class and many kids are well on the way to becoming fluent with these facts. It is absolutely a good time to practice these facts with your child. IPADS, other computer games, and flash cards are great ways to work on facts with your child.


 This year we will start the year by going to the library every Thursday for the first 10 weeks of school. Now we have switched to keyboarding practice every Thursday.  This will give the kids the chance to 'hone' their keyboarding skills that will be so necessary this year and especially in middle  school. The kids will still get an opportunity to get to the library to exchange books.

As I said in my opening letter, I encourage reading at home every night and ask how much they were able to read the night before. I do this in a relaxed encouraging way with the understanding that we are all busy and can't get it done every night, but the idea is to keep the kids reading. I tell the kids like many skills, we get better by practicing. The strongest way to improve those reading skills is to read daily.


We have started switching for social studies. My class is going across the hall for the map unit while I teach electricity and magnetism to Mrs. Walsh's kids.

                                                                                                            See you soon,

                                                                                                            MR. H,