Mission: Brookfield Public Schools students will demonstrate communicative and intercultural competence in at least one language other than their own.  

Vision: We believe that the acquisition and appreciation of language and culture opens doors and opportunities for our students to become passionate, respectful, empathetic and kind global citizens.

Overview of Brookfield Public Schools ESOL Program

(English for Speakers of Other Languages)


Brookfield Public Schools’ goal is for 100% of all English Learner (EL) students to become fully proficient in English in order to graduate from high school with a range of academic and professional options. We are enthusiastically working to support our EL students and their English language acquisition.

Brookfield Public Schools currently offers an ESOL Program designed to assist students acquiring English language during the regular school day, with several main components described below. Additionally, our ESOL Program aspires in time to include support to teachers and paraprofessionals in order to increase the availability of small group ESOL instruction.

Sheltered Instruction

Brookfield Public Schools is developing our ESOL Program through ongoing Professional Development so that Sheltered Instruction for EL students will be integrated within general education classrooms at all grade levels during the regular school day.

(See an explanation from Brown University's website What Is Sheltered Instruction?).

Rosetta Stone

Students in the ESOL Program at all grade levels will receive monitored access to the Rosetta Stone English learning online program, to be used either in class or in an alternate setting, for approximately 15 to 30 minutes daily. (See this link to our technology department’s Rosetta Stone sign-on and support information BPS Rosetta Stone webpage).

K - 3 Open Court Reading Foundations

Teachers in Kindergarten through 3rd grade will utilize English language development supports embedded in the Open Court Reading Foundations materials.

“SRA Open Court Reading Foundational Skills for grades K–3 provide classroom-proven, systematic, explicit instruction to help students learn the basics of reading and writing. This easy-to-use program is carefully crafted to enable students to decode and encode written language skills that become their basis not only for reading and writing fluency but reading comprehension as well.” (See this link for more information Open Court Brochure Summary).

Kindergarten through 8th grade Math

Differentiated ESOL support activities are embedded within the Kindergarten through 8th grade Math programs, with ESOL supports available such as vocabulary cards, cognate identification, and online tutorials.

Grades 9 through 12 EDGE Literacy Resources

Literacy materials designed for older students are part of the ESOL curriculum in high school in order to “prepare all students for college and career readiness… utilizing systematic and focused teaching materials.” (See this link for more information EDGE website).

Additional Information

Testing, Placement, Opt Out, and Exiting the ESOL Program

Our district follows state and federal guidelines for the testing and placement of students within our ESOL program. While parents and guardians have the right each year to refuse or remove your child from placement in our ESOL program, we are required to annually test the English language acquisition level of all qualifying students even if they have declined the ESOL program. (See this state website for further information Connecticut State Dept. of Education English Learner Website.)

Studies show that the rate of English language development ranges from five to seven years and varies widely from student to student, although generally students may exit the ESOL program in 3 to 7 years. (See Figure 2.1 in this link for a description of language acquisition stages Language Acquisition Stages by Hill and Bjork.)

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