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English Language Arts

What are the English language arts (ELA) standards?  

Click on this link to visit the CCSS ELA document.

The CCSS ELA outlines learning expectations in the areas of reading, writing, language, and speaking and listening, for all grades K-12.  In addition, in grades K-5, there are expectations for reading foundational skills.

What are the key ideas in the ELA standards?

  • Learn the foundational skills of reading to be able to focus on comprehending texts across many subjects
  • Read more complex texts with each grade level
  • Read a balance of fiction and nonfiction texts
  • Engage in close reading to find evidence to answer questions


Students should be able to write in 3 genres:
  • Informative/explanatory - explain a topic using evidence from what was read
  • Narrative - tell a story using literary devices (such as similes)
  • Opinion - take a side on an issue using evidence from what was read
 Speaking &  Listening
  • Research to build knowledge and present knowledge to others
  • Increase academic vocabulary
  • Participate in opportunities to speak, question, and take part in discussions