Center Elementary School Curriculum Information


     As we work towards enhancing the coherence and curricular alignment across grade levels in the Brookfield Public School District, the 2018-2019 school year will see some meaningful and purposeful changes to our ELA curriculum and instruction. Driven by the Brookfield Public Schools Strategic Coherence Plan which in its summary states that “... The world around us has changed. With the advent of the digital age and the ever­-shrinking global economy, the definition of what it means to appropriately prepare a student for life learning and work beyond school has been transformed.”  Thus, the need to embark on this Curriculum Revision Plan is a necessary action in order to achieve the intended outcomes of “...improving professional practice and building student capacity for critical/creative thinking, problem-solving, communication, and collaboration.”  The reading and writing workshop units have been developed by the Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project. They reflect a gradual release of responsibility model, a key component of the District Implementation Plan, which has been researched as an effective means of instilling independence in students by engaging learners in the goal setting process through self ­reflection. The shift will augment the alignment in grades K-­5 in reading and K-­8 in writing. The curriculum plans have been created to address the Common Core State Standards which in Connecticut are referred to as the Connecticut Core Standards.  The instructional practices will also provide a vehicle for focusing on close reading and argumentation, skills that are not only highlighted in the District’s Implementation Plan, but are proven to be high leverage skills that will serve students as they progress from grade to grade and continue their  learning journey beyond high school, in order for our graduates to “Create Their Tomorrows.”

Danielle Rudl