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Mission Statement:

The Brookfield High School Learning Commons strives to be a socially, academically, exciting, and worthwhile place for all members of its community.
"Rising to the CCSS Challenge Using Apps and C.R.A.P. Testing"

Discover Apps and Web 2.0 technologies as everyday classroom tools that facilitate delivery of the Common Core State Standards.  Digital citizenship and tools to evaluate web resources will be aligned with anchor standards through the lens of the C.R.A.P. test (Currency, Reliability, Authority, and Perspective).  Through engaging applications, the English Language Arts, History, and Science and Technology writing standards can be integrated into existing lessons as well as new venues for innovative products, creativity, and collaboration.

  • Jennifer Rocca - Library Media Specialist
  • Kathy Malatesta - Library Media Specialist
  • Gladys Cotto - Secretary
  • Terrie Parke - Secretary

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