BHS Science Teachers

Meet the professionals who are engaged in transforming science from "learning about" to "figuring it out"!
(2016-2017 department photo)

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Back Row (left to right):Mr. CasadeiMr. Miserendino, Ms. Biancheri, Mrs. Healey Mrs. Vigliotti (Dept. Head),
Front Row (left to right):Mrs. ChaykaDr. Kessler, Ms. Vivas, Ms. Delaney, Dr. Mukherjee  

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Peter Miserendino will be teaching 9th grade Earth & Energy Essentials starting after Christmas break. He is certified to teach General Science and Physics. He brings a rich background and personal interest in the physical sciences along with enthusiasm for learning! Look to the attachments at the bottom of the page to read his welcome letter to students and families. 

 SCIENCE COURSES (2016-2017)


A.P. Biology                                               
 Dr. Kessler
 A.P. Chemistry    

 Dr. Muhkerjee
 A.P. Environmental  
 Mr. Casadei
 A.P. Physics 1

 Mrs. Chayka
 Anatomy & Physiology 1 & 2

 Mrs. Delaney
 Biology Mrs. Delaney
Dr. Kessler
Ms. Biancheri
Ms. Vivas

Mr. Casadei

Mrs. Healey

Dr. Mukherjee

Earth and Energy Essentials 
Mrs. Chayka
Ms. Healey
Mr. Miserendino
Mrs. Vigliotti
 Environmental ScienceDr. Kessler
 Honors PhysicsMrs. Chayka
 Zoology 1 and 2Ms. Biancheri
Ms. Vivas

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