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Incoming 8th Grade Students

Welcome to Science at the high school! 
As you may have already seen on the Science Department home page, our goal is to promote and prepare future stewards of our planet who can participate and contribute to an ever-expanding global community. 
During the 8th grade parent night, representatives comprised of students and teachers, were present to showcase the following:
- The 9-12 Science program, appropriate progression and elective opportunities
- Course Highlights: Earth and Energy Science Essentials (E3), Foundations in Health Science & Technology, Accelerated Science Track
- A peek into specific applications and technologies that fuel digital learning through the iPads
- Q&A regarding sequence and courses (please refer to the 2016-17 Program of Studies for the most current information)
- Interested in the Science Accelerated Track (testing out of 9th grade course), see the attached bulletin below (pdf file "Accelerated Track Overview).
If you have any further questions, you can contact Jillian Vigliotti* - Science Department Head.
Phone: 203-775-7725 X7798

Jillian Vigliotti,
Mar 30, 2015, 11:03 AM