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 The goal of the science program at Brookfield High School is to engage all students in the development and application of critical reasoning and problem solving skills. All students are encouraged to be aware and involved in the natural world.  As independent thinkers, students are prepared to participate as active members of the ever expanding global community, which is driven by advancements in science and technology.  It is our role as science educators to help students develop a scientific lens from which to view and interact with the world. 

All Brookfield High School students are required to successfully complete four credits in science before graduation. 

Program planning starts with the Earth & Energy Essentials course in ninth grade followed by Biology in the tenth grade and Chemistry in eleventh grade. This course sequence is necessary to acquire the content and skills required for the NEW Next Generation Science State Assessment (first official testing cohort is in spring 2019). In addition, all courses support evidence based reading and writing to develop a scientific mindset and also for SAT preparation. The science program provides students with opportunities to pursue challenging advanced placement courses and/or explore science electives for special interests. 

Students applying to college should verify each institution’s prerequisites for high school science coursework to inform course selection.  

NEW! CT is the 15th state (according to National Science Teachers Association) to adopt the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The science department is engaging in ongoing professional development in order to build capacity of necessary instructional shifts. Find out more from the menu options (left). 

*The CAPT assessment will no longer be administered to 10th grade students.