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Course Descriptions


#1042 Biology (Academic) Full Year                                                                1.0 Credit


What is alive? Is a virus, a cell, or bacteria alive? How do living things interact with each other? How

does human activity impact life on earth? The content of the Academic Biology is centered on the

following topics: cell structure and function, organic chemistry, genetics, evolution, and population

ecology. Students will be challenged to think about issues in research, technology, bioethics and careers

in science, which are all critical for the 21st Century. Emphasis is placed on the role of biology and

molecular biology in the world, because today, these sciences and the technology that stems from them,

profoundly affect all aspects of our lives and the lives of other organisms. The ability to make rational

and informed decisions about the uses of new biological technologies depends on an understanding of

biological processes in ecosystems, organisms and cells. Preparation for the Biology portion of the CAPT

test is included in the course work.



#1051 Biology (Honors) Full Year                                                                        1.0 Credit


This course investigates living things from a molecular standpoint. Concepts include evolutionary theory,

cell theory and gene theory; and various chemical processes such as fermentation, photosynthesis,

respiration and chemosynthesis. Students will explore the relationship between technology and biology.

Students will participate in laboratory experiments, research projects group and individual work. This

class serves as excellent preparation for Advanced Placement Biology.

Prerequisite: Honors Topics in Science, Algebra I and Faculty Recommendation