Room 1 - Ms. Meg


    Teacher Bio - Ms. Meg
      Meg Singleton- Children's House Lead Teacher
     Ms. Meg has been teaching at Brookfield Academy for twenty years.   She graduated from the Academy of Sacred Heart and 
attended St Mary's of Orchard Lake where she recieved a degree in Psychology with and empasis on Early childhood.   
                    She recieved her Preprimary Montessori Certificate from the Michigan Montessori Teacher Educaion Center.  Ms. Meg's favorite
                    children's book is "The Giving Tree".  She enjoys teaching children because she loves to watch the children grow
                    academically through the school year.  Teaching brings a smile to her heart.              

    Teacher Bio - Ms. Terri
      Terri Nowak- Children's House Associate Teacher
       Ms. Terri has been a Children's House Associate Teacher at Brookfield Academy for 18 years. Her favorite children's is    
       book is "Charlotte's Web".  She enjoys teaching children because she loves to see the children learn, grow, and laugh.


Classroom Activities

  Working on Barnell Loft